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A north dallas photographer captures a family exploring together on a dirt path surrounded by tall trees.

If you’re looking for a North Dallas Family Photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas area.

I have so loved being able to get to know this sweet family over the last couple of years! Our first session was in the dead of summer before their little girl was born, and now look how big she’s gotten. The saying “time is a thief” is all too true! I know I feel like my little ones are only little for half of a blink, and the next thing I know they’re running around and feel like a giant person on my lap. All of the cheesy sayings are true! That’s one big reason why I’m so thankful for photography. I’m one of those Moms who scrolls through photos of the kids on her phone after they’re in bed because I miss their sweet faces. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t also counting the seconds until bedtime most days, but it gets me every time I look back at the curly hair my son had when he was a baby! Those photos aren’t the greatest quality, but they’re something and they’re some of my greatest treasures.

I encourage you to take all the photos together, even if they’re not professional quality. Hang them on your walls, print them in albums, just take the photo and give it life somewhere other than on your computer. Your babies will be so glad that you did and YOU will be so glad that you did. I’m currently working on our albums from 2017, so I’m nowhere near perfect with this. They make great Christmas presents for the grandparents too 😉 If you decide that you’d like to add some professional photos into the mix of cell phone photos in your album, or that you’d like nicer photos of a certain milestone your family is currently experiencing, I am a North Dallas Photographer and I would love to photograph your family!

A family wearing neutral colors holds each other close as the children look aroundA well dressed Dad crouches down in the dirt with his two young children to explore the leaves on a plantA blonde mother wearing a white dress holds one baby on her hip, and holds her toddler's hand on her other side with the light streaming behind them.A young mother holds her baby girl wearing a blue romper in her arms as the baby stares at the North Dallas Photographer taking her photoA little boy gives his Dad the biggest hug around the neck while Mom and little sister look on.A little boy and girl sit in the middle of a wide dirt path and play together with the dirtA one year old girl sits in the grass in the summertime wearing a baby romper and smiles at the North Dallas Photographer taking her photoA family sits together on white rocks alongside a stream and smiles happily at the cameraMom and Dad help their small children play together in a stream and everyone is close together.A little boy cautiously explores in the water of a stream as his parents and baby sister stand close by.

Varma Family | North Dallas Family Photographer | Taylor Catherine Photography