Studio Newborn Session | North Dallas Newborn Photography

A newborn lies in a basket asleep during their North Dallas Newborn Photography session

If you are hoping to book a North Dallas Newborn Photography session, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas area.

I always love having families come into the studio for sessions! I have access to a few gorgeous all white studios in the Dallas area, and I love the simplicity that the neutral color palette brings to a newborn session. Such a great way to keep the focus on what matters, your precious new baby and the relationship and emotions you share with your family. This family was remodeling their home and didn’t want to worry about spotlessly cleaning it, so the studio was the perfect solution. They also loved the idea of an all white and neutral color palette, so we styled Mom and the girl’s outfits to fit that. The bright white studio was just the perfect final touch. I love this part of being a photographer, seeing all of our planning come together so beautifully is a lot of fun.

We also had a lot of fun during their session! Big sister was so calm and collected and was a big helper with her two little sisters, but we also made sure to keep the girls engaged with lots of tickles, a few games of find baby sister’s nose, etc. Works like a charm every time! The whole family had so much love for their newest addition but the girls had the biggest smiles every time they looked at her. Also, how cute are baby sister’s curls?! I felt like I was photographing a little cherub with those curls and her chubby cheeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that her curls will be just as gorgeous at the rest of her family’s hair!


A sleeping baby girl is photographed during her North Dallas Newborn Photography sessionDetail photos of a newborn baby's hand as she sleepsA close up photo of a newborn baby's feet, laying on a white blanketThe newborn baby sleeps soundly in a round basket in an all white north dallas photography studioA baby wearing a white onesie sleeps on a round rattan basketTwo sisters sit together on a bed and admire their baby sisterTwo big sisters reach into the basket their baby sister is sleeping in to pat her tummyA Mother with brown curly hair, wearing a floral dress, holds her newborn daughter in her cradled armsTwo little girls play with the feet of their newborn baby sister while Mom watchesA Dad holding his newborn daughter sits on a bed surrounded by his other two daughtersA Father holds his newborn daughter against his chest and smiles down at herA close up photo of Dad's hands and his three daughter's hands resting on his.A Dad is hugged around his neck by his little girl as he holds his other two daughters closeA proud Dad smiles at the camera and shows off his newborn daughterA new family of five sits closely together in an all white studio and smile at each otherA toddler girl joyfully wraps her arms around her mother's neck her Mom is laughingA sweet photo of a mother holding her new baby while her family sits around her and admires the newborn


Studio Newborn Session | North Dallas Newborn Photography