Studio Motherhood Session | Dallas Baby Photographer

A mother wraps her arms around her son and holds her close during their Dallas Baby Photographer Session

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“Your eyes are blue, like the ocean, and baby, I’m lost out at sea” – Stephen Jerzak I am a sucker for a cute pair of baby blues, and sweet Emmett’s baby blue eyes are as cute as they come! He is such a sweet baby, and those cute chunky thighs and perfectly round tummy make for the best detail shots! I love capturing all the tiny parts that make a baby’s body so sweet, so I try to get lots of photos of every little detail. Those little fingers and toes are so sweet and small, but they grow so fast! My little boy is only three, but I’m already missing all of those cute, tiny details! Not to mention those sweet baby snuggles!

Emmett was just over a year old during this motherhood session, and it’s often a little bit hard to keep these little ones engaged at this age. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve for capturing the sweetest and most natural pictures. We played throughout most of this session—throwing the blanket over his head, peeking out the window, and playing with leaves—and we were able to get some really sweet, genuine smiles. I also make sure to get lots of sweet shots of snuggles with Mom! As a mom, it can sometimes be hard to be on the other side of the camera, but these sweet photos of a mama and her boy are absolutely priceless! This is one of the reasons I love what I do! I love offering these motherhood sessions, and giving mamas a chance to get some gorgeous pictures with her little ones that she can treasure forever!


A brown haired mother holds her son in her arms and tickles him as they both laughMom gives her little boy's very chubby cheek a  kiss as he looks at the cameraDuring their motherhood session, Mom and baby look out the window together at the treesA little one sits on his mothers lap and plays with a lamb stuffed animalMom cuddles into her son and closes her eyes as he rests his cheek on her shoulderThe Mother and son hold each other close and give the sweetest hugBaby boy is holding hands with his mother and looks up at her with a soft expressionA close up photo of the little boy standing on his mothers toesMom holds her son as he leans his head back and looks up and laughsA detail photo of Mom and babys legs as they play together on the white floorsA funny facial expression is made by the little boy and his Mom laughs in the backgroundA cute little one looks out the window and plays behind the curtainsA playful little one curls into a ball on the bed to hideThe boy wearing a white romper crawls all over the bed and plays with the pillowsThe adorable baby boy plays innocently with his wooden carMother and son cuddle close together as baby curiously peeks at the cameraA mother and baby play together in a light and airy studio on a white bedA detail photo of Mom tickling her sons sides as he grabs her handsThe brunette mother lifts her blue eyed one year old boy high into the airA little boy lays with his mother as she smiles and cherishes the simple momentA close up photo of a blonde haired baby wrapping his fingers around his Mothers cheekA mother wraps her arms around her son and holds her close during their Dallas Baby Photographer Session The toddler gleefully runs around the room with the biggest smile on his faceA timeless photo of the little boy sitting on a basket and looking straight at the cameraThe baby peeks over his shoulder at his Mom and smiles very bigA candid photo of a baby playing with leaves and flowers in a dallas all white studioA baby sitting in a rattan basket looks around at the leaves scattered on the floor around himA chubby baby bends down to pick up a leaf from the bunch scattered on the white studio floorA mother reaches over to grab her quickly escaping crawling little boyThe baby playfully rolls around the bed with a smile on his faceA close up photo of a baby's toes with the window light shining behind themA baby curiously peeks under the white blanket wrapped around him


Studio Motherhood Session | Dallas Baby Photographer