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A baby boy in a grey romper smiles during his Milestone Photography in Dallas session

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This Milestone session was so much fun, and I just love how these photos turned out! I photographed Aiden last summer when he was around three months old, and I’m so glad that I was able to see him and his cute parents again for this six-month-old milestone session. I usually schedule six-month milestone sessions when a baby is able to sit unassisted instead of scheduling it as soon as they turn six months old, so this session often happens when a baby is a little older. Aiden was more than six months old during this session, but I think it was definitely worth waiting for him to hit that milestone for these photos, because I love all of the photos of him sitting independently! How cute are the photos of him sitting on the blanket peeking over his shoulder? And those ones of him sitting on the basket are my favorites!

At this age, children often start becoming restless during photos, just like Aiden did. But I try to capture those moments as they start to explore and show those cute little personalities, and I also make sure to have a few tricks up my sleeve. When I pulled out the cloud-shaped teether, Aiden was thrilled! And we were able to coax the sweetest smile out of him by saying, “zucchini” over and over again! 😂 We do whatever it takes to keep little ones smiling, happy, and engaged! Aiden was definitely the star of this show, but I also love the pictures with Jonathan and Cali and had so much fun watching this cute family interact. Capturing these sweet, candid moments is the highlight of every session, and this cute family definitely makes it easy! I’m so excited for my next session with Jonathan, Cali, and Aiden!

A dark haired baby boy sits in a segrass basket and smiles A curious little boy plays with the basket he’s sitting in in an all white studio

A big smile on the face of a dark haired little boy sitting on a grey chairA sweet baby sits and poses himself in his denim romper in an all white studioMom makes baby smile off camera and he looks up at her with a big grinBaby stands on the chair and holds the back while he looks around the roomA detail up close photo of baby boy's curled up toes and chubby armsThe little baby sits on a light grey blanket and chews on his bottom lipA sweet baby sitting on a blanket on the white floor looks over his shoulder at the cameraA little one plays with an organic wooden cloud shaped toy as he crawls along the floorBaby is laying on the white bedding and pushes himself up with his arms with a big smileA soft white cloth is draped over baby boy's head and he grabs it and yanks it off his headBaby sits on Moms lap while Dad wraps his arms around both and holds baby's handAiden's Mom tickles him and makes him laugh while they smile at himTwo proud parents hold their son between them and squish their faces together to smileThe sweet parents smile at each other while holding their young son in a grey romperA gorgeous light filled portrait of the young family of three smiling at the cameraTwo parents lay side by side on a bed and hold their baby in the air over themThe curious baby sits on his fathers lap and stares out the window as his parents watch himBaby's face is filled with a bewildered expression as he notices the camera photographing him againDad and baby are laughing while Dad holds his son next to him and looks at the cameraA collage of four photos of a Dad and baby playfully wrestling together during their photo sessionA gorgeous young mother wearing a flowing white dress holds her son close and smiles at himA lovely motherhood portrait of a mother tenderly holding her young son in an all white studioThe Mother and Son lay together on the bed while the Mother tickles him to prompt a smileBaby stands with his Mothers help and marches his feet up and downA close up photo of the dimples on the baby's hands and the cute chubby rollsA timeless photo of a Mother looking lovingly down at her son while he gleefully laughs at his Dad acting sillyThe little family of three sit and snuggle close together on the bed with their hands cradling their son

Studio Milestone Session | Milestone Photography in Dallas