Henry is Six Months | Six Month Milestone Photography | Taylor Catherine Photography

Mom smiling and laughing with baby boy

If you’re looking for six month milestone photography, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas area.

“When you’re a mom, you get the best seat to the greatest show in town. Watching your children grow up.” – Rebecca Pearson, This Is Us

Can you believe this is the same little boy from the newborn family session featured in my last blog post? It really is amazing how fast these little ones grow, and how they seem to change every single day. It seems like just yesterday that I was taking Henry’s newborn photos with his Dad, Mom, and their sweet fur baby. Now, what feels like just a few seconds later, I’m sitting down to tell you all about his six-month milestone session. These sweet babies really do grow up as fast as everyone says—or maybe even faster than they say! Sweet baby Henry changed so much in the six months between his newborn session and his six-month-old milestone session. I would have never imagined I would say this because he was pretty sweet at his newborn session, but he’s even cuter now than before. He was so smiley, had the most delicious chubby cheeks, and I especially loved how his gorgeous blue eyes lit up when he was playing with or looking at his mom.

There really is such a special relationship between a mother and her firstborn, and there seems to be an extra special bond between a mama and her little boy. Sweet Henry loves his mama so much, and he had the cutest giggles as they played together. Seeing little ones play at this age is so sweet and is, by far, one of my favorite things to photograph. The curiosity in their expressions is so fun to watch, and I love seeing their focused expressions as their chubby little fingers reach for a toy or a loved one’s face! I’m so excited to continue to watch Henry grow, and to help his family capture more of these special milestone moments!

Baby boy smiling and playing with a toy carDetail photo of baby boy's sweet chubby fingers as he playsSix-month-old baby boy smiling and playing with a wooden toy carBaby boy smiling and playing with his toesSix-month-old baby milestone studio sessionMom holds baby boy and smilesMom holds baby boy and smiles while playing with wooden blocks togetherA photo from above as baby boy plays with wooden blocksBaby boy looks up as he plays with wooden blocksProfile of baby boy as he sucks on his fingerSix-month-old baby boy smiling in neutral milestone photography sessionBaby boy and mama smiling at each otherMom and six-month-old son smiling and snugglingMom smiling and kissing baby boy's cheekClose-up photo of baby boy's toes and playing with his momBaby boy smiles while playing with his mom