Studio Newborn Session | Newborn Photography in DFW

A baby swaddled in a white blanket lays in a Moses basket and sleeps during his Newborn Photography in DFW Session

If you are looking for newborn photography in DFW, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I photographed this sweet family in the fall when Tasha was pregnant with Declan, and I loved getting to know  their cute family. They were so excited to meet Declan, and now that he’s here, Andre and Tasha couldn’t be more in love with their baby boy! You can just see how much they love and adore Declan when they’re snuggling him and looking down at his tiny little features. I’m so happy we could capture so many cute photographs of this cute family and their new baby. I especially love the pictures of Declan in the Moses basket. I used the Moses basket for the first time during this session, and I’m so in love with the texture and warmth it brought into the photos. And Asher is the cutest big brother! I could tell he was still getting used to his new baby brother, but he was very gentle with him and gave him plenty of sweet kisses! I also loved how eager he was to point out his baby brother’s fingers and toes! And how cute are those tiny fingers and toes? Not to mention that adorable little head of dark hair! When I’m photographing young children, I try to make the session flow as efficiently as possible for the sake of my sleep- deprived parents and busy toddlers who don’t usually like to sit still for very long. Sometimes there are a few (or more than a few!) meltdowns, but I’m so glad my clients trust that I can turn the situation around and provide them with plenty of sweet photos. It just takes a bit of patience from all of us, and most likely a couple of packages of fruit snacks during the session and promises of ice cream at the end!

The family of four sits together on the bed and play together with their new family member Baby boy lays on the bed and everyone sits around him and admires his sweet featuresFour photos of the curious older brother looking at and playing with his baby brother The little baby sleeps on the bed while his family sits and watches over himThe parents kiss as they hold their newborn son tightly between them Mom and Dad stand close together and both cradle Declan’s head as they look down at himA sweet photo of Dads large hands holding his sons very small and sweet headAs Dad gently holds his little boy he gives him a sweet kiss on the foreheadThe proud second time Dad holds his little son against his chest and looks very happyWith a bright light shining behind him, the young Dad speaks softly to his baby boy and gives him a kissThe little baby reaches up to his Dads face and puts his hand near his cheekBoth parents stand against the white backdrop and encourage their oldest son to interact with this little brother A baby wearing a white onesie sleeps peacefully in an all white studio A detail photo of a newborn baby’s tiny facial features as he sleepsA close up photo of Declan’s head full of dark curly hair As Mom cradles her baby close to her chest she smiles with joy Mom stands in front of the window light and touches her nose against her baby boy’s tiny nose The baby lays against his Moms chest and sleeps as she cuddles close to him The young Mom lays on the bed with her baby and smiles down at his sweet features Mom lays on the bed with her new son and holds his hand in hersBaby lays in a Moses basket and shows off his profileLittle brother stands over his baby brother who is laying in a basketAsher peeks over the edge of the basket to get a closer look at his sibling

A baby laying on a white blanket looks up at the camera with his brown eyes A detail photo of baby’s long legs and teeny toesMom holds her new baby close to big brother so they can interactBig brother looks down at his baby brother and smiles at him over moms shoulderA family portrait of the four family members sitting close together and smikjngEach parent sits on the bed with both of their children and smiles at the camera

Studio Newborn Session | Newborn Photography in DFW