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A young family crouches together behind tall grass and the parents tickle their kids

If you’re looking for a Plano Family Photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas area.

I have photographed twins before, but I’ve never been able to photograph twin little girls with curly ringlets, the most spunky personalities, and twirly dresses! It was an experience that I am already dying to recreate! Emilia was a bit shy at first, and Savannah was more than happy to tell me her life’s story and what she had for lunch that day. My hope going into each session with kids is that I’m able to capture each of their personalities in the photos. I personally love looking at old photos and just seeing my kid’s personalities shine. As if looking at photos of them when they were younger doesn’t pull on the heartstrings already, the ability to remember how they were when they were younger brings me so much joy.

Also can we talk about this location?! My favorite time to take photos outdoors is the spring because of the vibrant greens and the tall grass. We also got lucky and had a few tiny flowers (or as my husband calls them, weeds) to play with. One of my favorite all time photos is from this session, the photo of the family crouched close together behind the tall grass. It was the result of an experiment I was a little nervous about, but I so love the dreamy effect it created! And of course that gorgeous never ending Texas sunshine always helps. That will never get old! I love to interact with families to create plenty of emotion filled images, but I also love to take a different approach occasionally and make photographs that might look a little more like a painting than a photo. If this resonates with you and you’re looking for a Plano Family Photographer, I would love to chat with you!

Toddler girls stand side by side and hold their parents hands while looking at each otherTwin girls stand next to each other and smile at the camera for the Plano Family PhotographerA family lounges together in the tall grass and quietly plays togetherMom wraps her arms around both of her twin girls and pulls them in for a tight hugA mom wearing a blue dress crouches down in the tall grass so her daughters can hug herA Mom holds her toddler girl and snuggles in close to her with a small smileTwin girls wearing flowy cream and blue dresses smile at their mother while they hand her a flowerA family stands close together in front of a tree while smiling at their Plano Family PhotographerMom and Dad hold twin girls as the girls giggle at each otherLittle girls wrap their arms around each other and almost fall over from laughing so hardA little girl grabs her sister's nose as both laugh with joyful expressionsMom and Dad stand back to back with each holding and hugging one of their twin girlsA close up photo of toddler girl's dangling legs as their parents hold them in the texas sunshineMom and Dad hold their girls up high among the trees with the sun shining behind themMom and Dad kiss while each holds on child in their armsA Mom wearing a long lace blue dress walks through a field with her twin daughtersA young Dad is smothered in kisses by his two toddler daughtersTwo twin girls with brown ringlet curls give their Dad a big hug while he crouches on the groundMom gives a sweet kiss to her daughter on the forehead as they sit together in the grassA little girl is happily snuggled into her mothers arms as the sun sets behind themA Mom looks joyfully at her young daughter while the little girl plays with her hairMom and her daughter explore together and find a ladybug hidden in the tall grassA little girl wearing a cream dress wraps her arms around her mothers neck to hug herA young family poses together in the tall grass for their Plano Family Photographer

Moreland Family | Plano Family Photographer | Taylor Catherine Photography