DFW Family Photographer

A brunette mother surrounded by her four children gazes lovingly down at her baby son

If you are looking for a DFW Family Photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As a DFW family photographer, I’ve been able to photograph a lot of cute families, but none of them have been cuter than this sweet family! They were so easy to photograph because, as you can see, they have a lot of fun together, they obviously love each other, and that happiness and love shines through in every single photo. I love capturing candid, happy moments and interactions between family members, and this was easy because there was a lot of laughing and silly teasing during this session. But most importantly, there was a lot of love. All of the kids were so sweet to each other, especially to little Harvey, and it was obvious how much they loved having a baby brother! And you could definitely see the love KC and Larissa had for every single one of these kids. I always make sure to come to each session prepared with a flow of poses in mind, and most of them usually involve a lot of interaction between family members. I focus on those interactions because it helps make each family member’s personality shine through in the final photos. I love capturing these candid moments, instead of only focusing on taking posed photos where everyone is standing in a group facing the camera, because my goal is to capture as much “real life” in my photos as I can. I mean, it’s so much more fun to tell kids to tickle their siblings rather than to have them just smile at the camera the entire time. Am I right? It also means everyone has some fun! And when everyone is having fun, I’m able to capture the sweetest, most “real life” photos. This cute family was already having so much fun together, so I posed them more informally to fit their family’s personality and focused on their natural interactions with one another. And I just love how these photos turned out!

The three older siblings gang up on Dad and tickle him while his arms are occupied holding their baby brotherA child standing in the middle of his large family is squeezed by their group hug and makes a surprised faceA baby boy is thrown high in the air by his Dad as their family looks on and smilesA family standing from tallest to shortest holds each other close and smiles at their photographer with tall grass surrounding themA young girl smiles back at her family as they all look at her and laugh at the joke she had just madeFour young siblings stand in a row and smile with their arms around each otherFour young siblings stand in a row and smile with their arms around each otherA little boy is held by his older sisters as his other siblings smile up at his chubby faceA cute baby makes his brother and sisters smile as he reaches to grab a stick and smiles gleefullyA young child is doted on by his siblings as he plays with sticks in the forestA gorgeous family wraps their arms around each other and smiles during their DFW Family Photographer SessionA young boy pulls a silly face and makes his whole family laughTwo parents stand together and kiss as their kids play together in the backgroundTwo parents look down at their four children sandwiched between them and everyone smilesA baby boy is swung by the arms by his older sister as his other siblings try to make him laughFour children stand together and make jokes with each other to make everyone laughThe six family members hold hands and walk in a line between the treesThe family all hold each others hands and look at one another with happy facesThe sweet family walk along the leafy path in a park in Dallas during their photo session