Studio Motherhood Mini Sessions | Dallas Mommy and Me Photography

A Mother and daughter sit together in a light and airy space during their Dallas Mommy and Me Photography session

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I had so much fun photographing these two styled motherhood sessions, and I’m so excited to offer these gorgeously styled sessions to my clients who are looking for Dallas mommy and me photography. I wanted to create a soft, but still lively environment to highlight the joy and love mothers share with their children, and I love how each of these sessions turned out. I encouraged the kids to play and cuddle with their moms, and I loved how many easy smiles and laughs I was able to capture. Even though both sessions were styled similarly, it was so fun to see how different they were because of the unique dynamics in each little family. Lana, being a boy mom, of course had a playful relationship with her boys, Axel and Diesel. I also loved watching how much these two cute boys adored their mama and how willing they were to give her so many sweet kisses and cuddles. Riley was feeling a little bit shy and clearly found Lorraine’s arms to be a safe place to retreat. I love how her sweetness and shyness created some of the most beautiful photos of this session, as she cuddled closely with her mama. I also loved when Riley’s silliness peeped out, and I was able to capture some fun, playful moments between this beautiful mother and daughter duo. And I was so happy with how the gorgeous flowers done by Colibri Blooms turned out, and how much they added to these sweet sessions! I love adding fun, unique, special touches to my sessions, like the flower wreath on the bed frame! So, if you are interested in doing a mommy and me session with me and would like to add something special to your session, I would love to dream up those extra details with you to help you personalize your session even more!

A beautiful young Mom lays close to her adorable toddler daughter, both wearing all whiteA Mother wearing a colorful flower crown closes her eyes as she holds her child closeThe curly haired little girl wearing a white romper sits on her mothers lapThe cute toddler smiles with glee as her mother bounces her on the bedA gorgeous brunette mother sits her daughter on her lap and wraps her arms around herA curious little girl sits on her mothers lap and quizzically glances at the camera The young Mother admires her sweet daughters round face framed by a gorgeous flower crownThe mother daughter duo laugh at each other as the mother swings the daughter around in the airA bright smile lights up the young girls face as her mother gives her a big hugThe mother and her child hold hands as they spin and dance in a circleA sweet moment as a toddler girl leans her head against her mothers head in an all white space

And a few more from Lana’s session with her two fun boys!

A mother with blonde hair holds one son in her lap and smiles at the other next to herThe mother wearing an oversized pink sweater holds both of her sons closeTwo boys wrestle together with their Mom playfully on the cozy white bedFeet flail everywhere as the mother plays with her two wild sonsA quiet in between Moment of a mother cuddling her children with colorful flowers wrapped around the bedframeThe mother tickles her two sons on the tummy as they laugh hysterically A close up photo of the two little boys heads as their Mom tickles themThe two boys end their lighthearted wrestling game with a brotherly kiss on the cheekBoth little boys show off the biggest happy smiles as their Mom squeezes them tightThe youngest son tells his Mom a story as the oldest wraps his arms around his Mothers neck and smilesThe trio stands together in an all white studio in Dallas and hold each others handsThe silly little boys are both held by their Mother and they gleefully peek over her shoulderMom is getting smothered in kisses by her very sweet fun loving boys