The Twins are 8! | Dallas Area Family Photographer

I don’t photograph many birthdays for older kids, but I definitely want to do more after photographing this duo! As you can see from looking through the images of just a few of my favorites from their session, about every other photo was either of them laughing, or being silly with each other. They were having so much fun together so I’m glad that I was able to capture some genuine smiles, and their silly, happy personalities. They also had no problem giving each other hugs and doing other things that some boys their age might find “embarrassing”…they’re definitely the best of brothers! Of course I had to get a few of the entire family together even though this was technically just a session for the twin boys. Their family is important to them so I’m sure that down the road they’ll love looking back on their relationship with their family and family photos definitely are a good way to do that 😉 So if you’ve booked a session with me for one of your children’s birthdays you won’t regret it if you come prepared to have some photos taken of you too!

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Twin brothers standing in fron tof the Houston templeA family of five stand in front of a beautiful flowering treeTwin brothers smile for the camera during their portrait photography sessionTwo brothers make each other laugh as they sit near a fountainA couple of brothers act silly with each other in a suit and tieSweet brothers walk next to each other through a lovely gardenTwo little boys pose like adults during their birthday photo sessionTwo young men fold their arms as they pose for photosTwo brothers wrap their arms around each other and smile for the cameraFor anyone wondering where these portraits were taken, I took a little trip to visit family so these were taken in Houston! More specifically they were taken at the Houston LDS Temple. Isn’t it so gorgeous? If you’re in the area I definitely recommend stopping by to walk around the gardens. It’s very peaceful so it makes for a wonderful place to get away for a bit! I do travel their frequently so I am more than happy to schedule a session or two while I’m down there. If you know anyone in the Houston area who is looking for a photographer, I would love to be considered!