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Two children help their grandmother bake during their Dallas Lifestyle Photographer Session

If you are looking for a Dallas lifestyle photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

When we moved to Dallas last fall, my mom drove up from Houston to help us move into our new home. While she was at our house, we found a few minutes of free time one day. Since these moments are so rare when you have two busy little kiddos in the house, I decided it would be fun to take some photos of my mom, my little sister, and my son. And it was such a fun, impromptu lifestyle session! I love capturing these special “real-life” moments as families interact with each other and spend time doing something they love to do together. My little sister and my son both adore my Mom and think she is so fun, and they love baking with her. So, this was the perfect activity to keep those little fingers busy, all while capturing a memory of something meaningful they do together! There were lots of giggles, plenty of taste-testing, and even more spills and ingredients thrown around! But it was all worth it, and I’m SO glad I took the time to photograph these memories for these little ones and for myself! This will definitely be one of those special moments they’ll look back on from their childhood and remember how much fun they had playing together and spending time with my mom. One of my favorite things about moving back to Texas is living close to family, and we’re so lucky to live just a few hours away from my family AND my husband’s family! After living away from home (and family) for so many years, it’s been so nice to spend so much time together. And I’m really hoping to take some pictures with my little boy and my mother-in-law next, so you better get ready, Barbara! 😉

A Grandma helps her two grandchildren stir the bowl of pie fillingGrandma carefully helps her two year old grandson fill a measuring spoon while he concentratesThe little boy flashes a wide grin at the camera as he sneakily grabs a berry out of the mixing bowlGrandma laughs as she sees the facial expression of the little one eating a sour berryA little girl is given a taste of the pie filling by her Mom as they bake togetherThe mixing spoon is licked by the little boy who isnt sure if he likes the tasteThe trio all mix the ingredients together as the Grandma smiles with joy A close up photo of Grandma holding her grandson's leg close by as they spend time togetherTwo children are helping their Grandmother make pie crust in a white kitchenWhile the other two look on the little boy spreads flour all over the kitchen counter The little girl tickles the little boy and he smiles shylyThe little boy stands close by his Grandma as she helps him make part of the pie togetherGrandma listens as her Grandson tells her something in his toddler languageThe two laugh together as they notice the little boy is covered in flourGrandma wraps her arms around her Grandson and gives him a kiss on the cheekthe four year old little girl concentrates as her Mom helps her make rosettes out of pie crustShe is very proud as she holds the rosette in her hand and shows it off to her MotherA detail photo of the little girl and her Mother's hands working together to make leaves out of the pie crustThe two carefully start putting the leaves and rosettes on top of the pie making a beautiful designA detail photo of the two standing close to each other and working on their pie

If you are looking for a Dallas lifestyle photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.