Little Henry | North Dallas Newborn Photographer

Dad and Mom kiss and hold newborn baby boy with their North Dallas Newborn Photographer

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I schedule a limited amount of in-home sessions each month, and one of the main things I look for when I schedule these sessions is natural lighting. This natural light is one of the most important things for maintaining the light and airy aesthetic that you see in my photos. When I walked into this family’s home, I was so happy to see the most gorgeous natural light pouring in through the windows. Finding natural light like this is every photographer’s dream! I also love when my clients choose light-colored wall colors and home décor. The combination of gorgeous natural light and light-colored home décor provides the perfect backdrop for your family’s photos and makes my job so easy to do!

I also love in-home newborn sessions because it’s so fun to be able to see how much love and effort parents put into their children’s nurseries. It’s definitely a labor of love, and it shows in this gorgeous nursery. I love the light and bright, neutral décor with the small touches of colorful accents. This love also showed in this sweet family’s interactions together, as you can see in each photo. The love and happiness they share is so easy to see in their happy smiles and the way they look at each other.

I had so much fun photographing this newborn session with little Henry, his parents, and their dog. Their dog LOVED being in the photos and was so sweet and gentle with his baby brother. I love the moments we captured with the dog watching over Henry, and I’m sure they’ll have so much fun together as Henry grows. I love incorporating family pets into our photo sessions, because they’re part of the family, too! And family pets definitely hold a huge place in our hearts and in our lives.

Dad, Mom, newborn baby boy, and family dog relax and sit together on gorgeous white bedMom and newborn son lay on bed together as she smiles and talks to himDad and Mom smile at baby boy and hold his tiny fingersDad holds newborn son and looks into his sweet, sleeping faceDad and mom kiss and smile at each other while holding newborn baby boySweet forehead touch between Mom and Dad while Mom holds baby boyMom holds newborn son and smiles while Dad kisses his cheekLight and bright in-home newborn sessionNewborn baby boy with his dog snuggling and protecting himSweet swaddled newborn baby boy and a close-up of his tiny fingersIn-home family newborn session with pet dogDad and mom smile and comfort baby boy as he sleepsNewborn baby boy in-home photography sessionMom smiles and touches baby boy's hand as family dog watchesMom smiles lovingly at newborn baby boyMom holds baby boy's hand and kisses his fingersFamily dog watching as mom smiles at newborn baby boySweet accents in newborn baby boy nurseryLight and bright newborn nursery

Little Henry | North Dallas Newborn Photographer

The Walker Family | Family Photographer near Dallas

Three brothers holding hands and smiling during their session with Family Photographer near Dallas


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“There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.” – Washington Irving
I love all of the photos from this family session, but I almost died as I was taking photos of mama with her boys because they were just so sweet and loving! With her oldest son’s arms around her neck and the two younger boys playing nearby, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this cute family. I also loved how patient this sweet mom was with her boys. There truly is something so special about the relationship between a mama and her sons.

We had so much fun just playing together, and I love how you can see that playfulness in the images! I especially loved watching these sweet boys with their one-year-old baby brother, Cal. They were just the sweetest and loved to make him laugh! I was able to capture so many sweet family hugs and snuggles, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.
The saying, “boys will be boys” was definitely true during this family session—and to be honest, every family session I photograph. But instead of scolding the boys, mom and dad were so sweet and patient, and I was so glad! I love capturing candid, natural poses and interactions, and when I’m photographing three little boys, I know I’ll be working with some wiggles. But that’s okay! I’d much rather help your children find a creative and photograph-worthy outlet for their wiggles. Having to get after kiddos immediately zaps the fun out of the session for the kiddos and the parents, so I’m more than happy to work with your family to capture happy and loving (and sometimes just a little bit crazy) interactions. Because, let’s be honest, this is real life when you’re the parents of little kids. And isn’t that what we’re trying to capture in a family session?


Brothers laughing and smilingBrothers playing outside in natural lightDad, Mom, and three brothers smiling for family photosDad and mom smiling at boys as they hugFamily of five (three boys) smiling and talkingFamily playing and laughing togetherMom and sons hugging and smilingMom and three sons laughing and playing while huggingDad holding and hugging sons while laughing and smilingBoys tickling baby brother's toes and laughingPhoto of three brothers' tiny toesBrothers smiling and playing togetherDad and mom kiss as brothers snuggleFamily smiles and kisses baby brotherFamily smiling and talkingFamily smiling and playing with baby brotherBoys sitting and standing near fence in outdoor, natural light family sessionMom and baby boy smiling as he standsMom and one-year-old son snuggling and smilingOutdoor family photo session with natural lightHusband and wife laughing and whispering to each other

The Walker Family | Family Photographer near Dallas

The Moore Family | Maternity Photographer near Dallas

Pregnant mama hugging kids as dad watches with their Maternity Photographer near Dallas

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This is the first family session I ever did in my in-home studio (and I’ve done many since), and I am hooked! I’ve since removed anything that isn’t white since I’m clearly all about all things light and airy 😉 We scheduled the Moore’s family session for the dead of summer when it was over 100 degrees, and it was just so hot outside that we decided to switch to a studio session to try and escape the heat. I am SO thankful for my air conditioner! We basically treated this session like an in-home lifestyle session, but the Moore family didn’t have to worry about cleaning their house (and KEEPING it clean) so it would be photo-ready. This is so hard to do when you’re pregnant, trying to juggle two kids, and want to have hair and makeup done—not to mention dressing your kiddos in cute outfits and keeping them clean and wrinkle-free! I would say this was a win-win—they had the coziness of an in-home lifestyle session with the convenience of a studio session.  Kyler and Halie were both SO excited to have their photos taken, so we ran with that energy and kept the entire session lighthearted and fun so we could show off their playful personalities. As I looked through the photos after the session, I completely fell in love with everyone’s huge smiles! I love how Kyler and Halle’s happy and energetic personalities rubbed off on everyone and had all of us smiling for the entire session. I might have been a sweaty mess by the end, but it was more than worth it. Julie sent me photos of the prints she hung on their walls at home, and it made my photographer heart so happy to see my work blown up and displayed so prominently in their home! I was also able to take this cute family’s newborn photos a few months later, and it was fun to meet sweet baby Madelyn and take some updated family photos. Sweet baby Madelyn is just as adorable as her older brother and sister, and I am so excited to share photos from this session!   

Family laughing and smilingCandid family photos of a family playing togetherBrother whispering to sister and smilingMom smiling and playing with son and daughterMom holding son and daughter and smilingDad tickling son and daughter and laughingDad holding son and daughter and smilingBrother and sister standing next to each other and looking out the windowClose-up view of brother and sister's tiny feetFamily smiling and playingCandid family photos of parents with son and daughterDad hugging son and daughterMom cradles pregnant belly and smilesDad cradles mom's pregnant tummy and smilesFamily photo session at in-home Dallas studioBrother and sister smile while holding mom and dad's hands

The Moore Family | Maternity Photographer near Dallas

Little Elizabeth | Newborn Photographer in Dallas

Dad and mom holding baby girl with gorgeous dark hair at Newborn Photographer in Dallas

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I took maternity photos last summer for the Varma family and was so happy to see them again with their newest family member, their sweet baby girl Elizabeth! This session was in my in-home studio, which is the perfect place for newborn sessions or family photos when you have a newborn. We were able to keep baby Elizabeth comfortable and warm (and avoid getting too warm outside in our Texas sunshine) and capture so many timeless photos with her parents and big brother.

Big brother Beckett wasn’t too into the idea of taking photos, so we had to get a bit creative. We played with the handmade wooden cars from my studio collection—they are so much more photogenic than your typical brightly-colored toys and so much less distracting in photos. Beckett was also more than happy to help us find and point out Elizabeth’s ten tiny fingers and toes, and I love the photos we were able to take during these sweet moments. I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve to help when toddlers are less than cooperative, but I can’t share all of my secrets here! 😉

I just love Elizabeth’s gorgeous head full of dark hair, so I took about a million photos of her precious little head. I love the way her dark hair contrasts with the light and bright design of my studio and the outfits Lindsay chose for her family. I am so in love with how Lindsay styled her family’s session! I mean, how adorable is that gorgeous white bonnet and monogrammed diaper cover? And did you notice that Beckett’s outfit is a miniature version of his dad’s shirt? Father and son or mother and daughter twinning is so cute! I also have several props in my studio that I love to incorporate—I love using my Moses basket for a few sleepy shots, I love the texture it adds to a photo. And I love taking photos of newborns and families snuggling on the bed. It just feels so homey and makes the photos feel so natural and comfortable.


Studio family photos in Dallas TexasMom and dad playing with son while cuddling newborn baby girlBaby girl and big brother smiling in studio newborn photosBaby girl in Moses basket in white studio newborn sessionToddler boy smiling at newborn baby sisterFamily photo session at Texas in-home studioDad and mom smile while holding newborn baby girlDad and mom kiss while snuggling newborn baby girl and big brother smilesFamily smiling and holding newborn babyNewborn family photos in Texas studioMom and newborn baby cuddling on a bedMom snuggling newborn baby girlMom holding and smiling at newborn baby girlMom holding baby girl to chestDad holding baby girl and smiling lovinglyDad holding and cuddling newborn baby girlDad holding newborn baby girl and smilingDad and brother with newborn baby girlToddler boy and baby sister family photosNewborn baby girl sleepingNewborn baby girl sleeping and smilingSleeping newborn baby girl in white bonnetNewborn baby girl with monogrammed diaper coverIn-home Texas studio newborn sessionNewborn baby girl sleepingNewborn baby's folded arms and belly button

Little Elizabeth | Newborn Photographer in Dallas

The Church Family | Dallas Family Photography

Father and daughter picking wildflowers in gorgeous sunlit field

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This gorgeous family session was one of my mentoring sessions with Savan Photography, and it was such an amazing learning experience for me! I wanted to learn more about shooting film and had admired Savan’s work for so long, so I was so excited when she agreed to fly all the way out to Dallas from Orange County, California to mentor me and my friend Rachel from Rachel DeBell Photography. When I got my film scans back from the lab, I was so blown away at how much my photos improved during this session! I was able to gain so much knowledge and a better understanding of the way film works, and it shows! As convenient as it is to shoot digitally, the creamy tones film provides (as well as the added depth) makes the process so worth it! If you’ve been a client of mine or following along here on my blog for very long, you know how much I adore gorgeous natural light. So you can imagine how much I love the combination of natural light and the gorgeous creamy tones you get when you use film!

Switching over to film has also made me a more intentional photographer, because I can’t simply look at the back of my screen to see if a photo turned out. And I can’t shoot a million photos during a session, because that would be so expensive! I still help guide my clients into natural poses that encourage interaction with each other, but I’ve learned that shooting less frames results in a wider variety of meaningful photos rather than a lot of photos of the same or similar interactions. You’ve gotta make every frame count with film!

It was so easy to capture all of the emotions you see in these photos of the Church family. Adria’s love for her girls was so evident in every interaction. The way she spoke about and to them, and the way she held them close throughout the session was so sweet! Colt was so full of adoration for his family, and I loved watching him interact with and show his love for his three girls. Baby Eile was such a sweet baby and allowed us to capture so many of those sweet, snuggly shots we all love. But the star of the show was definitely Emmy with her larger-than-life personality, so we let her lead the way! And I think you’ll agree with me when I say this was definitely not a mistake.

Outdoor family film photography with natural lightFather and mother smiling while holding daughtersMom and daughter kissing and snuggling baby sisterLittle girl with curly hair standing next to mom and baby sisterDaughter sitting on dad's shoulders smiling at cameraGorgeous outdoor family photography with trees and natural sunlightMom and daughter hugging and smilingHappy family photos in gorgeous grassy fieldDad and mom smiling at each other and holding their daughtersFamily photos of dad and mom with their two daughtersHusband and wife hugging and smilingWoman walking through a grassy, sunlit fieldMother daughter film photos with natural lightMom breastfeeding baby girl in gorgeous outdoor photo sessionMom holding daughters and smelling wildflowersFather smiling and holding his daughters

The Church Family | Dallas Family Photography