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Father and daughter picking wildflowers in gorgeous sunlit field

If you’re looking for Dallas family photography, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas area.

This gorgeous family session was one of my mentoring sessions with Savan Photography, and it was such an amazing learning experience for me! I wanted to learn more about shooting film and had admired Savan’s work for so long, so I was so excited when she agreed to fly all the way out to Dallas from Orange County, California to mentor me and my friend Rachel from Rachel DeBell Photography. When I got my film scans back from the lab, I was so blown away at how much my photos improved during this session! I was able to gain so much knowledge and a better understanding of the way film works, and it shows! As convenient as it is to shoot digitally, the creamy tones film provides (as well as the added depth) makes the process so worth it! If you’ve been a client of mine or following along here on my blog for very long, you know how much I adore gorgeous natural light. So you can imagine how much I love the combination of natural light and the gorgeous creamy tones you get when you use film!

Switching over to film has also made me a more intentional photographer, because I can’t simply look at the back of my screen to see if a photo turned out. And I can’t shoot a million photos during a session, because that would be so expensive! I still help guide my clients into natural poses that encourage interaction with each other, but I’ve learned that shooting less frames results in a wider variety of meaningful photos rather than a lot of photos of the same or similar interactions. You’ve gotta make every frame count with film!

It was so easy to capture all of the emotions you see in these photos of the Church family. Adria’s love for her girls was so evident in every interaction. The way she spoke about and to them, and the way she held them close throughout the session was so sweet! Colt was so full of adoration for his family, and I loved watching him interact with and show his love for his three girls. Baby Eile was such a sweet baby and allowed us to capture so many of those sweet, snuggly shots we all love. But the star of the show was definitely Emmy with her larger-than-life personality, so we let her lead the way! And I think you’ll agree with me when I say this was definitely not a mistake.

Outdoor family film photography with natural lightFather and mother smiling while holding daughtersMom and daughter kissing and snuggling baby sisterLittle girl with curly hair standing next to mom and baby sisterDaughter sitting on dad's shoulders smiling at cameraGorgeous outdoor family photography with trees and natural sunlightMom and daughter hugging and smilingHappy family photos in gorgeous grassy fieldDad and mom smiling at each other and holding their daughtersFamily photos of dad and mom with their two daughtersHusband and wife hugging and smilingWoman walking through a grassy, sunlit fieldMother daughter film photos with natural lightMom breastfeeding baby girl in gorgeous outdoor photo sessionMom holding daughters and smelling wildflowersFather smiling and holding his daughters

The Church Family | Dallas Family Photography