Spring Maternity Session | Best Maternity Photographer in Dallas

A gorgeous expectant mother smiles during her photo session with the Best Maternity Photographer in Dallas

If you are looking for the best maternity photographer in Dallas, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Shurekkia wanted a Boho-styled maternity session, and I just love how this maternity session turned out! The tall neutral grass and the backlit trees make this one of my absolute favorite locations! And it was the perfect backdrop for this glowing mama-to-be! I also love how the two dresses she borrowed from my studio wardrobe added to that Boho vibe she was looking for. She is such a gorgeous mama, and I just can’t wait to meet her new baby girl, Zara! Shurekkia chose the name Zara because it means “princess” in Russian. Isn’t that just so sweet? With such a beautiful mom, I sure Zara will be the prettiest little princess you’ve ever seen! This was such a fun session because Shurekkia’s cousin came with her! They grew up together and have been the best of friends for more than twenty years. That relationship and those interactions made this session so relaxed and comfortable. Every time I wanted a genuine smile, Shurekkia’s cousin was there in the background for moral support…and a laugh! Shurekkia was absolutely glowing with that gorgeous pregnancy glow throughout the entire session, but when she was laughing I couldn’t click the shutter on my camera fast enough! So if you’re nervous before your session, I definitely recommend bringing a friend along for moral support to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Especially if you have small children! I am always more than willing to act like a clown and do anything it takes to get an authentic smile so I can create (and capture) the perfect photo-worthy moment. But it’s definitely best when I can just take the photos without playing peek-a-boo behind my camera between shots! This way, I can make sure to capture every single sweet moment!

As she stands in a small area of tall grass in the forest, a pregnant woman smiles down at her baby bumpThe growing belly of a pregnant woman is the focus of this photo with gorgeous light shining in the backgroundA woman stands in the middle of a dirt road holding her pregnant bump and laughs out loudThe dark haired mother swings her floral tulle dress as she laughsThe soon to be Mom gives the camera a smoldering glance as she stands on a dirt path in the woodsA bohemian styled Mother cradles her arms around her baby bump and softly smilesA close up detail photo of the expectant Mother's arms holding her growing bellyA pregnant woman is surrounded by trees as she poses in her cream floral dressShurrekia casually leans against a tree in a pink bohemian maternity dressA lovely pregnant woman models during her photo session in a forestA classic close up portrait of the glowing soon to be mother wearing an embroidered maternity dress

Spring Maternity Session | Best Maternity Photographer in Dallas