Sara + Coleman | Rattlesnake Lake Couple Anniversary Session

This Rattlesnake Lake Couple Session was all sorts of wonderful! When we were choosing the location I suggested this spot which is a bit of a drive and not your typical “dreamy” location. They loved how unique it was and said they were up for an adventure, so off we went! It was a bit muddy when we arrived so Coleman, being the gentleman he is, carried her through the mud. Aw!

Sara and Coleman met while skydiving (?!?!?!) and have been traveling the world together ever since. She’s a travel nurse from Georgia with the sweetest southern accent, and he’s a Washington native who serves in the army. Sara found a job nearby and moved across the country, “all for love”, she said.  Their love was so sweet and playful, and it was a joy to be able to capture that for them.

I am currently booking Anniversary and Couples Sessions in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Please inquire for more information.

Couple poses during their Rattlesnake Lake photo sessionA couple cuddles on a tree stump during their Rattlesnake Lake Couples SessionA young couple sit close together on a large tree stumpTwo people rest their heads together in a romantic momentA man pulls his girlfriend close as they stand on a stump by a gorgeous lakeA couple embraces with the gorgeous pacific northwest in the backgroundA man playfully helps his girlfriend off of a tall stump as she laughsTwo people walk hand in hand across the gravel at Rattlesnake LakeA man looks lovingly at his girlfriend as she smiles and laughsA girl in a black dress and a hat laughs at something funny her boyfriend saidA sweet couple holds each other as they lean against a large rockA couple embraces and smile as they pose for their Rattlesnake Lake couple sessionTwo people give each other eskimo kisses and laughA stylish girl in a black bodycon dress and a black wide brim hat poses at Rattlesnake LakeA man lovingly squeezes a girl from behind as they stand in front of a lakeA couple kisses with the gorgeous pacific northwest forest in the backgroundTwo young people in love have an emotional moment as they dance togetherA man in a plaid shirt hold his girlfriend as they danceA pretty girl with red lipstick snuggles into her boyfriends chestTwo people hold each other close as they have their photo taken near SeattleThe sun sets behind a couple as they stand in front of a gorgeous lakeA man and a woman in love walk through the forest and stop to take a photoA young couple playfully walk through the woods and start to kissA boyfriend and girlfriend wrap their arms around each other and snuggle close together

I’ve recently started traveling much further to be able to shoot at some pretty amazing locations that aren’t quite just in my backyard. If you’re wanting a to die for specific location for your session, but you’re afraid it’s too far, it never hurts to ask! I’m only an email away. 😉 Mt Rainier is only an hour or so south from me, and this spot as well as some other awesome locations like Snoqualmie are only an hour or so north! I recently took some family pictures all the way up near Crystal Mountain to take advantage of the snow, and that was so worth the drive. I’m lucky to be able to live in an area where I have so many beautiful places to take pictures in, so I definitely want to take advantage of that! It’s definitely a huge perk of the job to be able to explore and find beauty everywhere.


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