Little Harrison | Seattle Newborn Photographer

One fun part of my job as a Seattle Newborn Photographer is that I get to see so many adorable nurseries, and this was definitely one of my favorites. Aren’t the tones so soft and sweet? And the lighting was just gorgeous! I was definitely in a bit of a dreamy state as I edited these! William’s Mama worked hard to make sure his room was soothing and full of love. We took quite a few photos of the whole family in there right off the bat, and I hardly had to pose them. I think snuggling all together comes pretty naturally in those first few weeks. Who doesn’t love the closeness of a sweet little newborn? The connection these three have is so wonderful. It was such a privilege to have been able to photograph that love and unique family dynamic. I hope that they are able to cherish their photos for years to come!


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So normally I don’t share embarrassing stories on here, but this one is too good to keep to myself. During this newborn session I was peed on. But not by the baby…everyone was on the bed except for me…and the dog. I was standing there taking pictures and all of a sudden my sock started feeling wet, so I look down and saw the dog running away with a trail (of you know what) following. They were so apologetic and felt terrible, but we just laughed it off. Socks are easily taken off, so I was glad it was just a sock and not my shirt. That would have been quite a bit more embarrassing 😉 Fingers crossed that never happens again!

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