Little Renee | Frisco Newborn Photographer

A Frisco Newborn Photographer poses a family during their photo shoot

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This light filled newborn session was such a joy to photograph. These new parents were nothing but smiles, and were clearly smitten with their adorable daughter. She had a head full of dark hair and the most squishy cheeks that I’m sure her Mama loves to kiss! Two of my favorite things, so I was definitely a bit smitten as well.

During their session we focused on natural posing that emphasized the star of the show, their newborn daughter. It’s typically much less stressful to not need to worry about making sure baby falls asleep to achieve more complicated posing, so that is one reason why I tend to stick with more effortless set ups. If I can save sleep deprived parents from any added stress then I have done my job! Their great neutral outfit choices also helped to keep the focus on baby rather than on the clothing that they were wearing. Before every session I bring a variety of gowns from my client wardrobe, chosen by the client, to try on, but occasionally they may have something in mind that was pulled from their own closet. This is a great example of a color palette that added a soft and airy feeling to their final images. Imagine if they were wearing all black or vibrant colors from head to toe…it would weigh the image down and add more contrast. Contrast is the opposite of light and airy so if you are interested in that aesthetic then soft colors or neutrals like in these images are perfect.

A family with a newborn daughter pose during their photo session in Frisco TexasNew parents hold their newborn child and are filled with joyA little baby with a head full of dark hair is held by her motherA new Mom stares adoringly at her daughter during their Frisco Newborn Photographer SessionA newborn's Dad hold her and gives her a kiss on the cheekA new Dad holds his baby girl and smiles lovingly at herA new family of three lounge on a bed together while their little one sleepsMom and Dad lay on their bed with their newborn daughterA baby girl with a pink bow sleeps on the bed Mom and Dad smile at their new daughter as she lay sleepingDad holds his infant daughter in his hands in a light and airy roomA newborn child rests on her Father's chest and falls fast asleepA baby girl lays on a white blanket and is framed by eucalyptus leaves Two photos of tiny baby toes and little fingersThank you for visiting! Little Renee | Frisco Newborn Photographer

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