Little Oliver | Dallas Newborn Photographer

Grab some snacks and get ready for a long post today, because there are far too many sweet images from this Dallas Newborn Photographer session that I want to share! I met this lovely new family of five (including the fur babies) in their home, and we spent an hour just staring at little Oliver’s gorgeous face. Just kidding, we were a bit more productive than that, but just barely! He was awake for the first half and spent that time either staring at his parents or at the world around him. I love how curious these tiny babies are…the world is a fascinating place! The other half he spent sleeping so it was definitely a no fuss kind of session. We focused on posing based off of the ways that they naturally interacted with their son, so that made for some effortlessly natural images full of authentic emotion. I can’t help but smile as I look through this gallery because of all of the joyful smiles that these new parents shared. I hope you feel that same joy as you look through this post, and maybe it will even help you to recall those magical first weeks you spend with your new babies!

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A baby with lots of fuzzy hair being held by his parentsMom pinches her sons tiny newborn nose as dad laughs next to her during their session with a Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Sorry for the overload of images, but I just couldn’t narrow everything down any further! There’s something about that light and airy newborn photography look that makes everything sparkle for me 😉 And I probably delivered at least five images just of his cute fuzzy hair. I’m sure my clients love my inability to keep these precious photos to myself because 90% of the time I deliver more than what they expect. So maybe it’s a good problem to have…the jury is still out on that one!