Little Logan and Loralei | Newborn Photography in DFW

Babies wiggle their legs around during their Newborn Photography in DFW session

If you are looking for twin Newborn Photography in DFW, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

These precious twins were born only two weeks before our session, and it was so much fun to take photos of these sweet babies. I love their soft pastel swaddles and those adorable bonnets, and I absolutely adore those four tiny baby feet! Why is it that everything is SO much cuter when it comes to twins? My very favorite images from this session are the photos of Logan and Loralei snuggling together. They just look so peaceful and happy! I always make sure to take tons of these snuggly pictures when I’m photographing twins, because after snuggling in the womb for nine months, that’s what they’re most comfortable with! And I always try to make sure my clients feel comfortable during our sessions, especially my smaller clients! Both babies cried here and there, but they were so much more calm and happy when they were together, so I definitely took advantage of that! I also love the pictures of the entire family together, and the shots of all of the siblings together. They were all so completely smitten with their new brother and sister, and I’m so glad I got to photograph them all together! This was definitely a special treat because the oldest daughter had flown in to meet her new twin brother and sister, and she was flying home the next day! I’m so glad we were able to squeeze this session in while she was in town and photograph this whole family together…especially the little everyday moments like watching the littlest boy drive his toy car around his new baby brother and sister. I love helping families make and capture so many sweet and happy moments, so this session was an absolute dream!


Logan stirs in his sleep and cutely pulls an arm above his head and puffs out his little lipsA photo of twin babies hugging as they sleep in a dallas light and airy studioA sweet photo of the twins laying with their arms wrapped around each other on the white blanketThe baby girl wrapped in a pink swaddle lays on the bed and sleepsA close up photo of baby girl's sweet little face as she sleepsA profile photo of Loralei showing off her button noseLogan sleeps peacefully wrapped in a blue swaddle as he quietly slumbersThe little baby boy purses his tiny lips in his sleepA detail photo of both babie's fuzzy heads and a lace bonnet on Loralei's headBoth babies lay together wrapped in their swaddles with their eyes closedA detail photo of the twin babies toes surrounded by a white blanketThe parents stand together with each holding a baby and smile with joy at each otherA Mom wearing a pink shirt holds both babies in her arms and is smiling down at themA Mom wearing a white dress lays on the bed with both of her babies beside herThe older siblings crowd around the babies and hold them closely togetherA detail photo of the family resting their hands on the babies tummiesThe little siblings point at the babies features while everyone else smiles at the cute sceneA toddler sits in front of the rest of his family so he can play while everyone watches himThe little boy kisses little Logan's head in a rare sweet toddler momentThe entire family sat on the bed together and admired the twins sleeping in their arms

Little Logan and Loralei | Newborn Photography in DFW