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Is it just me that thinks babies in bonnets are the most precious things ever? That, and her chubby top lip made me want 12 more babies asap. Georgiana’s brother wasn’t quite as fond of her, but I loved all of the curious looks and pokes he gave her. If you look closely at one of the photos towards the middle you can see a little toddler head running in the background. Normally I edit out distracting things like that, but I just love how real that shot was. It definitely made the moment more beautiful and meaningful to this family to leave in the little tornado in the background. That’s life! And one day little Georgiana is probably going to be a running blur in their family photos, too! If you are looking for a Seattle Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, please inquire for more information.

Baby in yellow dress and white bonnet lays on a white bedNewborn lays on an all white light and airy bedBig brother pokes his new baby sisterBrother and sister look at each otherLittle baby rests on a bed during photo sessionClose up photograph of a newborn wearing a knit bonnetBig brother and little sister pose on a bedDad plays with toddler on bed while mom holds baby girlDad wrestles toddler while mom watches and laughsParents interact with their two young children while sitting on their bedDad tickles his son and mom looks at her newbornToddler tries putting his shoe on and makes his parents laughParents snuggle their newborn and admire her tiny fingersToddler makes his family laugh while they take photosMom and Dad lay on their bed and lovingly look at baby GeorgianaParents admire their baby girl while she rests on their white bedMother holds her baby as a Seattle Lifestyle Newborn Photographer takes photosParents hold their newborn and admire her gorgeous eyesProud Dad holds close his new daughter wrapped in a blanket Mom and Dad watch Georgiana as she sleeps in her Dads armsLittle baby sleeps on her Dads shoulder while her Mom watchesBaby girl laying on a knit blanket looks around the roomNewborn baby stretches her arms as she lays on a blanketYoung baby wears a white knit bonnet and pants while laying on a bedFamily of four interacts with each other during photo session

One thing I loved about how these photos came out is the color palette. My editing style is very light and airy so it makes sense that light and airy clothing and decor lends to that style the best. Many clients wear all neutrals, like cream, grey, taupe, etc. If you’re wanting a little more color try to look for soft, muted, or pastel colors like this pink top. I also think light blue, lavender, muted greens, etc, would be wonderful choices. These color choices also keep the focus on baby, who is the star of the show! Clothing with logos or a lot of pattern can also draw attention away from your little one. Sometimes the more simple and timeless your outfits are, the better. In ten years you don’t want to look back on your photos and wonder why you chose the trendy top over something more classic! Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning for your Seattle Lifestyle Newborn Photographer session.

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