Little Ben | Plano Baby Photographer

Two new parents stand in front of a window and smile with their new son

I don’t think anything can ever quite replicate the joy you feel when you become a parent for the first time! I know I’ll never forget the feelings I felt when I held my perfect little boy in my arms for the first time—and the second, and the third, and the fourth… And I definitely felt those same feelings of love and joy from these cute parents in this Plano Baby Photographer session. Sweet, little Ben Ben was born in the spring eight days after his due date (so you know Mama was extra happy to meet him), and I was so happy to do this session when he was only sixteen days old! Sam and Rachel were the cutest first-time parents, and I could tell they were definitely living in that blissful newborn haze you see in the movies. I loved watching them as they held their sweet baby, and I loved listening to Rachel say how perfect she thought Ben was throughout the entire session! I mean, you can just see the love and happiness on these new parents’ faces as they smiled at their new baby! I also have a soft spot in my heart for first homes, and I love that this session took place in their first home! I’m sure Sam and Rachel are especially glad they took the opportunity to make these memories in their first home, because they moved out of it shortly after this session. My little family recently moved out of our first home (the house we brought our first baby home to), and I definitely treasure the photos we took and the memories we made while we lived there. As I chatted with Sam and Rachel’s neighbors on the way up to their high-rise apartment, the neighbors all asked if I was going to photograph Ben. I could even feel the love the neighbors felt for this sweet family! Since Sam, Rachel, and Ben lived in a high-rise apartment, we had to get a bit creative to find the best backdrops in this small space. But as you can see, capturing the love in this little family was definitely not limited by the space of the room! So if you’d like to do an in-home family photographer session, I’d love to be there to capture those memories for you!

If you are looking for a Plano Baby Photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas\Fort Worth and Houston Areas. A baby is sleeping in his Mom's arms as Dad looks over her shoulder at himMom and Dad holding their baby and looking at his adorable face A newborn baby boy is kissed by his father tenderly on his foreheadA new Dad smiles down at his newborn son during their Plano Baby Photographer SessionA new Mom in a blue dress snuggles with her tiny newborn sonA pretty new Mom holds her baby boy as he sleeps on her chestA baby boy sleeps surrounded by his parents who look down on his tiny featuresMom and Dad lean in to kiss each other over their newborn son during their Plano Baby Photographer SessionTwo sweet parents admire their baby boy who is wearing a hat with his nickname embroidered on itTiny boots cover the feet of a new baby as he lays in between his smiling parentsThe parents of a newborn baby boy smile at him in front of a bright and airy windowA newborn baby boy is wrapped in a blue swaddle and is sleepingA man holds his new sleeping son in his arms and they are both wearing blueThese new parents play with and coo at their newborn baby boy and are so happyDetail images of a baby's hair and his handsTwo parents cuddle into each other while Mom holds their infant son in her arms