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A little boy held in his mothers arms looks at the lavender during their Dallas Motherhood Photography session

If you are hoping to book a Dallas motherhood photography session, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This motherhood photography session took place at Lavender Hill Farm on Vashon Island near Seattle, Washington. I did a few sessions at this location before we moved to Texas, and even though it’s quite a trip to get there, it’s 100 percent worth it! The ferry ride across the Puget Sound is so relaxing, and the scent of lavender at the farm is so dreamy. I would love to go back! These sweet photos of Heidi and her son Julian (and soon-to-be baby girl Inez) are as dreamy as the scent of lavender (possibly even dreamier), and I’m so happy with how they turned out! Heidi is the blogger behind Bainbridge Boheme, and she is the sweetest mama. I love that she is one of those amazing moms who isn’t afraid to get dirty while playing with her children, and I just love following her blog so I can try out all the delicious recipes she whips up with her little boy! I have a little boy and know how messy your kitchen can get when you’re baking with a kiddo, so I am definitely impressed. Heidi is such a fun, loving, and patient mom! And this cute mama and her little ones were a dream to photograph. Julian was so friendly and was more than happy to smile for the camera as he searched for rocks and showed me each exciting, new find! And I just love his gorgeous little curls and cute outfit, complete with suspenders! This family is so cute, and the lavender farm was the perfect backdrop for them. I love shooting at unique and gorgeous locations like this, so if you have a fun location in mind, don’t hesitate to mention it to me! It can really be worth the extra effort to find the perfect location for your session.

The mother leans into her son and smiles as she watches him look around at the sceneryA touching photo of a young mother and her firstborn leaning their foreheads together while he smilesThe little boy sits on top of his mothers growing bump as she holds him and gives him a kissA dreamy film maternity photo of a mother handing a stone to her little boyThe small boy reaches up to his mothers growing belly and pats his baby sisterAn expectant mother wraps her arm protectively around her little son as he snuggles close to herThe little boy roams curiously around Lavender Hill Farm as he holds his mothers handA small hand tighly hold his mothers hand as they walk together through the fields of flowersA close up detail photo of a woman holding her pink tulle dress effortlesslyWhile holding a small bunch of lavender around her baby bump, the mother looks out at the sceneryA light filled photo with the focus on some lavender stems and a pregnant mother blurred in the backgroundA little boy with curly brown hair grins at the camera as his mother watches him in the backgroundA little one covered in dirt plays in the lavender field with his pregnant motherA mother wearing a pink dress walks up the quaint stone steps at a lavender farmA curly haired little boy wearing suspender shorts and a linen shirt sits at his mothers feet and plays

Lavender Filled Maternity Photos | Dallas Motherhood Photography