James is 2! | Seattle WA Family Photographer

James celebrated his second birthday earlier this year so we made the drive down to Nisqually just for these gorgeous white barns. I’m a sucker for anything white so it was most definitely worth the trip! I’ve been the Seattle WA Family Photographer for this sweet boy’s family since he was a newborn, and and every time I post images of him on social media everyone just swoons over him! Everything about him is perfect, but goodness those cheeks and his amazing red hair get me every time. His little personality is so full of joy as well…it definitely wasn’t hard to get some good expressions out of him! Catching up to him as he ran wild all over the park (as most, if not all two year old’s spend their time doing) was a different story though. Lets just say I started off the session with a coat on and I ended it wishing I was just wearing a shirt more fit for warmer weather! Whatever it takes to get the shot, haha. He got to run around to his hearts content, and since it was early in the morning we had the place to ourselves. And of course Mom got some fun pictures out of it too. 🙂

If you’re looking for a Seattle WA Family Photographer please contact me as soon as possible to book your session. Can’t wait to hear from you!

I don’t do many sunrise sessions just because it’s harder for families to get everyone ready and get out the door at a decent hour, let alone doing all of that at sunrise. In the summer time since sunset is pretty late, it may be a good options for families to consider just because the kids tend to be less cranky early in the morning. I understand that the adults might be a different story, but we’re able to pull it together more easily than a toddler can 😉 So don’t immediately write off a sunrise session, it definitely worked out for this family!

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