Despi Family In-Home Family Session | Seattle Family Photographer

This cute little family invited me over for an in-home family session. Lifestyle sessions are my favorites because of the organic interactions I’m able to photograph. Every kind of photography is beautiful in its own way, but this style makes my heart happy. I want these families to be able to look at their photos years down the road and treasure the moments and memories that were captured. These four have so much love for each other, and they definitely have a lot of fun together! Some of my favorites from this gallery were taken during a pillow fight so there was definitely plenty of fun involved 😉

I am currently booking in-home family sessions in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Please inquire for more information.

A family sits close together and talks on their bedA family hugs each other and smiles at the camera during their in-home family sessionA family of four wearing white snuggles together on a bedA boy has a pillow fight with his dad and hits him in the faceA dad laughs as his son tackles him with a pillow A dad and his son have a pillow fight during their in-home family sessionA dad wraps his arms around his young kids and reads them a bookTwo kids in white shirts listen to their dad read them a bookTwo young parents cuddle on a bed together during their family photo sessionA little sister makes a sour face as her brother wraps his arms around herA mom tickles her two kids and her son quickly tries to get awayA mom braids her little girls hair as they sit on a white bed togetherA mom holds her two young children close as they smile for the cameraTwo parents wrestle with their kids on the living room floor while everyone laughsA mom and daughter watch a dad tickle his son while the boy tries to get awayA young family has a fun time playing on the living room floor during their lifestyle family photo sessionA family of four dances together in their homeA dad watches his wife and son have a sweet moment as they dance togetherA young girl cuddles with her parents as her crazy older brother runs in circles around themThe family of four stand close together and pet their white pet dog A little girl holds her pet dog and smiles for the camera

Weren’t those so fun? The two kids weren’t thrilled that a stranger was in there house so I decided to keep things as real as possible…so we had pillow fights, cuddles with Mom, a game of catch, Dad read some books, and plenty of tickling. I tried to keep a laid back vibe during the entire in-home family session and I think I accomplished that! Everything was very unposed and it looked as if I had just followed them around with my camera.

Which do you prefer? More posed and curated sessions, or something like this that’s more about your family as they are day to day? I love both so much! I think while the kids are young its easier and more meaningful to do in home family sessions. They’re more comfortable in their home, and you don’t have to worry about getting everyone out the door and getting stuck in the car for a while. Also the memories of your day to day that are captured are priceless.  I don’t know about you but I think in the future I’ll remember cuddling with my kids watching movies or playing games over getting posed family photos taken. That said, we will be getting both kind of sessions done throughout the years!

Thank you for reading about this In-Home Family Session!