Little Mia | Dallas Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

A newborn baby poses during their photo session with a Dallas Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerIf you are looking for a Dallas Newborn Lifestyle Photographer , please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I just love capturing the sweet, happy moments after a new baby has been born and a new, little family has just been created! And this cute family was definitely not an exception. Steve and Anna were so excited when they found out they were having a baby girl, and I could feel that love and excitement in this Dallas newborn lifestyle photographer session. Their gorgeous one-month-old baby Mia (and that amazing head of thick, dark hair) was so much fun to photograph! She was wide awake during our entire session, which is definitely unusual for a babe so young. Not only was she wide awake, but she was also very attentive, showed us so many cute facial expressions, and she even flexed her muscles in a few photos! I loved the spunky personality she was showing, and you can clearly see that her parents are loving it, too! These photos were taken in their home, and I love how natural and relaxed it felt. I almost felt like I had finally achieved that coveted status of being a “fly on the wall” as I watched this new family interact, and it really allowed me to capture some gorgeous photos! I also loved this in-home newborn photography session because Steve and Anna dressed comfortably, which allowed them to relax and enjoy these moments. I love when families find a way to dress up for their photo session but still stay true to themselves, because it makes the photos feel so natural and relaxed. I know it can sometimes be stressful to have photos taken (especially if you have wiggly kiddos), but my best advice is to relax, be yourself, and enjoy the moment. If you do that, not only will you enjoy your photography session so much more, but I will also be able to capture more natural and more beautiful photos of you and your loved ones.

Two doting parents look down at their baby and smile as her sweet faceA newborn girl stares up at the camera and furrows her browsA new Mom holds her precious baby in her arms as the baby looks back up at herOn a white blanket the baby girl with a head full of thick hair stretches outA baby wearing only a diaper looks around the room and takes everything inA tiny baby surrounded by white blankets makes some humorously serious facial expressionsA close up detail image of a newborn baby's round tummy and belly buttonThe days old baby sneezes and cutely scrunches her face upA baby with dark hair burys her head into her mothers shoulder The young mother wearing a maroon cardigan breastfeeds her little newborn daughterA blissful new mother lays on the bed with her baby and plays with her handsA newborn baby poses during their photo session with a Dallas Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerFive perfect tiny fingers are wrapped around a Fathers one large fingerA big yawn stretches across the little baby's face as she rests on her father's chestThe newborn baby girl looks up at her Dad and gives him a small smileA newborn girl wrapped in a light blanket looks up at her parents as they smile at herTwo parents snuggle their baby girl swaddled in a white blanket between themA young Dad wearing a crisp blue button up sits in a chair with his baby girl