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Green Family | Seattle-Tacoma Family Photographer

It was pretty chilly the morning we took these, but ah. Nothing beats that morning light! These guys were troopers as they braved the low temperatures and the early start time, but we got some awesome images to make up for it.


IMG_0286 IMG_0320 IMG_0352 IMG_0372 IMG_0394 IMG_0403 IMG_0425 IMG_0539 IMG_0545 IMG_0624

Little Cole | Seattle-Tacoma Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Look at this little one’s head full of hair! Seriously so sweet, though we did have a hard time getting him to sleep. He would literally sleep for around 30 seconds before waking up crying. No amount of soothing could calm this guy down, he just wanted to be held and loved! These are justContinue Reading

Frousakis Family | Seattle-Tacoma Family Photographer

These 5 were the sweetest, and these kids were so fun! They were so full of energy, basically running around non-stop, but we were able to get some great posed shots that I knew Mom was looking for. My personal style leans more towards un-posed shots, but I always make sure to include plenty ofContinue Reading

Chen 3 Months Session | Orange County Family & Child Photographer

This was my second opportunity to photography Katelyn (you can see here newborn photos here), and goodness was I looking forward to seeing her again! She was one of the smallest newborns that I had ever done a session with, so I was excited to see how much she had grown. She was still asContinue Reading

Huang Family | Los Angeles Maternity Photographer

This was one of the sweetest couples, and so photogenic too! You know a shoot is going to turn out well when the subject you’re photographing is able to pose themselves naturally. I was in love with these two! Usually I do not like to incorporate props into my sessions because I feel like theyContinue Reading

Singh Family | Orange County Family Photographer

I may or may not be behind in blogging 22 sessions…but I had to get this one up ASAP! There is so much love in these images, which is exactly what every photographer/client wants to see. This family and I were both just as thrilled with the end results from this shoot!  

Little Kaitlyn 3 Months | Seal Beach Baby & Family Photographer

Kaitlyn was, hands down, the happiest baby I have ever photographed! It didn’t matter what you were doing, she would laugh and laugh. And of course that little laugh was contagious so most of the session was spent laughing.  If that’s not enough to make you fall in love, just take a look at herContinue Reading

Little Kayden | Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

  This was a different newborn session for me since I have never had a client ask to include their mother in the shots. It’s a wonderful idea and I’m glad that I was able to photograph these three together at such a sweet time!

Little Naveen | Long Beach Newborn & Family Photographer

Thank goodness this guy is SO stinking cute because he didn’t shut his little eyes for a second! He was too busy looking around so curiously to get any sleep, and he had this serious model-like face that was just too good. You never know what you’re gonna get going into a newborn session!

Little Katelyn | Orange County Newborn Photographer

  Meet little Katelyn Chen. So stinking cute, right? She was the teeniest newborn I have ever photographed which made for one nervous photographer! Luckily we made it to the end of the shoot with quite a few lovely shots, and a little more experience with handling different types of newborns. I love my jobContinue Reading

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