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Father and daughter picking wildflowers in gorgeous sunlit field

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This gorgeous family session was one of my mentoring sessions with Savan Photography, and it was such an amazing learning experience for me! I wanted to learn more about shooting film and had admired Savan’s work for so long, so I was so excited when she agreed to fly all the way out to Dallas from Orange County, California to mentor me and my friend Rachel from Rachel DeBell Photography. When I got my film scans back from the lab, I was so blown away at how much my photos improved during this session! I was able to gain so much knowledge and a better understanding of the way film works, and it shows! As convenient as it is to shoot digitally, the creamy tones film provides (as well as the added depth) makes the process so worth it! If you’ve been a client of mine or following along here on my blog for very long, you know how much I adore gorgeous natural light. So you can imagine how much I love the combination of natural light and the gorgeous creamy tones you get when you use film!

Switching over to film has also made me a more intentional photographer, because I can’t simply look at the back of my screen to see if a photo turned out. And I can’t shoot a million photos during a session, because that would be so expensive! I still help guide my clients into natural poses that encourage interaction with each other, but I’ve learned that shooting less frames results in a wider variety of meaningful photos rather than a lot of photos of the same or similar interactions. You’ve gotta make every frame count with film!

It was so easy to capture all of the emotions you see in these photos of the Church family. Adria’s love for her girls was so evident in every interaction. The way she spoke about and to them, and the way she held them close throughout the session was so sweet! Colt was so full of adoration for his family, and I loved watching him interact with and show his love for his three girls. Baby Eile was such a sweet baby and allowed us to capture so many of those sweet, snuggly shots we all love. But the star of the show was definitely Emmy with her larger-than-life personality, so we let her lead the way! And I think you’ll agree with me when I say this was definitely not a mistake.

Outdoor family film photography with natural lightFather and mother smiling while holding daughtersMom and daughter kissing and snuggling baby sisterLittle girl with curly hair standing next to mom and baby sisterDaughter sitting on dad's shoulders smiling at cameraGorgeous outdoor family photography with trees and natural sunlightMom and daughter hugging and smilingHappy family photos in gorgeous grassy fieldDad and mom smiling at each other and holding their daughtersFamily photos of dad and mom with their two daughtersHusband and wife hugging and smilingWoman walking through a grassy, sunlit fieldMother daughter film photos with natural lightMom breastfeeding baby girl in gorgeous outdoor photo sessionMom holding daughters and smelling wildflowersFather smiling and holding his daughters

The Church Family | Dallas Family Photography

Maddyn | First Birthday Photography Dallas

One-year-old girl cake smash in gorgeous outdoor Texas location

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“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.This sweet one-year-old definitely reflects the love and care her parents give to her! Maddyn is clearly a real-life doll, and if you can believe it, her little personality is even cuter! She was as smiley as it gets, she loved crawling all over the place and exploring everything in sight, and she was obviously so in love with her parents. It wasn’t hard to see why she loves them so much, because they were so sweet and loving. Her parents are wrapped around her tiny little finger, and if you had been there at this session, you would have seen two of the most loving parents absolutely gushing over their baby girl…and one photographer doing the same thing!
I had so much fun capturing these special milestone photos of Maddyn as she smiled, crawled, and toddled around in this gorgeous outdoor location. I loved Maddyn’s cute eyelet romper as well as the sweet flower crown and headband her mom picked to complete her outfit. And how gorgeous is that cake? I just love the simplicity and beauty of the cake with those gorgeous flowers on top. And Maddyn obviously did, too, because she definitely wasn’t afraid to dig into the cake!

As we were e-mailing about Maddyn’s session, her Mom said that they are hoping to find a long-term family photographer and that they are hoping it will be me! I was so beyond happy when I read that, not only because it’s validating when someone wants you to take their photo time and time again, but also because getting to see families continue to grow together is such a wonderful thing that truly keeps the passion and creativity for this job going. I’m so excited to keep taking photos of this adorable and loving family!


Baby girl holding Mom's hand in gorgeous Texas outdoor locationOne-year-old girl sitting in a grassy fieldBaby girl in eyelet romper and flower crown crawling in a field of grassBaby girl smiling and walking through grassy fieldBaby girl cake smash in grassy fieldOne-year-old baby girl tasting her birthday cakeBeautiful one-year-old cake with roses on topSmiling baby girl with her one-year-old birthday cakeBaby girl with her first birthday cakeOne-year-old smash cake session

Studio Motherhood Session | Motherhood Photographer in Dallas

Mom holding baby girl and smiling at daughter

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I had so much fun photographing Kim, my sweet friend from church, and her two beautiful daughters at this special motherhood session! I was so happy when she asked me to take these photos for a Christmas gift for her husband, but it was so hard to keep it a secret! Since the photos were a surprise for Kim’s husband, I’ve had to keep these photos to myself for a while. I am so glad that I can finally share this dreamy motherhood session! 
Kim asked me to style her, Halie, and Haven from my client wardrobe, and I’m more than just a little bit in love with how everything came together! If you’ve been a client of mine for very long, you definitely know by now that I’m all about white everything. So, when Kim mentioned she had thought about having everyone wear white for their session, we ran with that! And I’m so glad we did! Don’t they look like angels? My absolute favorite details are Haven’s little eyelet dress with the simple flower crown. I mean, this is basically what my photography dreams are made of! An all-white color palette and gorgeous, feminine details! Can it get better than that?

Kim, Halie, and Haven are all so sweet and gorgeous, and the fact that they are beautiful inside and out made it so easy for me to capture a lot of sweet moments of them together. I loved watching them interact as they smiled, and laughed, and showed so much love for each other. I also loved getting to see the interaction between Halie and her little sister Haven. It’s not often that I get to photograph siblings with such an age difference, so it was fun to be able to photograph this unique and special relationship. Haven definitely has a wonderful big sister to look up to!

Mom holding baby daughter and smiling with teen daughterMom, teen daughter, and toddler smiling in gorgeous white and bright studio sessionMother and daughters wearing white dresses in beautiful all white motherhood sessionAll white studio motherhood session with teen and babyMother and teen daughter playing and laughing with baby girlTeen sister holding baby sister, both wearing gorgeous white dressesSisters holding hands and touching foreheads while they smile at each otherTeen sister and baby sister smiling at each other in all white studio sessionBaby girl in gorgeous white dress playing with a toy and smilingMom and daughter smiling as baby girl crawlsMom holding toddler daughter and smiling as she lifts her in the airMom and daughter snuggling and smiling baby girlMom and teen daughter hugging and smiling at each other in gorgeous motherhood studio sessionTeen girl in gorgeous white dress in all white studio session

Studio Motherhood Session | Motherhood Photographer in Dallas

The Andersons | Family Photography in Dallas

Family photos in gorgeous Texas field

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When Shelby e-mailed me about scheduling a family session in the Dallas area, I immediately knew that I was going to love photographing her cute family! She was so kind and easy to talk to, and she has continued to be such an encouraging client and friend. And when I heard that she named her baby boy Colin, I kind of had to love her even more! Colin is my husband’s name, and Shelby even used the same spelling for her baby boy. I think our friendship was definitely meant to be! 😊 Before their session, Shelby came to my studio to try on some of the dresses from my client wardrobe. As a mama to a little boy, I know how hard it can be to try on clothes with little ones underfoot. I wanted Shelby to have a few minutes to focus on herself, so I played with Colby and Connor—we talked a lot about cars and my own little boy. When I met up with them for their family session, Colby immediately asked me if I had brought my cars and my little boy! Even without the cars and an extra friend, we were able to get some great smiles and hugs. Of course, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I had brought bubbles and jelly beans! And I think all was forgiven as soon as Colby found out about these little surprises. This cute, little family was so much fun to photograph! I just love how their neutral wardrobe and the natural light at this gorgeous outdoor location highlighted their sweet interactions and love for each other. Corey and Shelby are the sweetest parents, and they were obviously so excited to meet their THIRD baby boy! It was also the cutest thing to watch Colby love on Connor and to see how much these two brothers love each other. They were all too happy to give each other a million hugs and kisses, and I just loved watching them and photographing these special family moments! I was also able to take baby Colin’s newborn photos a few months after this family session, and I’m excited to share these photos here on the blog! So stay tuned for more photos of this adorable family!

Photo of dad and mom holding sons and smiling
Photos of family of four smiling and hugging
Photo of mom and two sons smiling and cuddling
Photo of Dad and two sons smiling and hugging
Photo of brothers walking in a field and smiling
Photo of brothers walking in a field and picking flowers
Dad and mom kissing and smiling
Photo of two brothers playing in the dirt
Photo of smiling brothers
Photo of brothers hugging and mama cradling baby bump
Light and bright outdoor maternity photo
Photo of mom and two sons smiling and kissing mama's baby bump
Photo of smiling family with two sons
Mom hugging and kissing son and cradling baby bump

The Andersons | Family Photography in Dallas

Lakeside Family Portraits | Family Photographer in Dallas

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Image result for lemonade and lenses feature badgePhoto of dad and mom holding baby girl and smiling

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This sweet little family had just left all of their loved ones in California to move to Dallas, and wanted a reminder of the ocean in their photos. When Karina explained this to me I knew we had to find the best location with water that Dallas has to offer. We looked at all of the options and by far this was the best fit. This amazing location, with the rocky shoreline and tall cliffs definitely was what we were envisioning. After a long walk to get to this spot (while holding sweet baby Ava, they were committed!) we focused on fun interactions rather than more formal poses and left with some wonderful smiles! Little Ava’s chubby cheeks and Karina and Thomas’s love filled glances at each other were so perfectly captured on film. My photographer heart was so full at the end of the evening! We left just as the park was closing and I was so happy to have been able to help this wonderful family bring a bit of “home” into their session.

I’ll also add that this was the first session that I had done after my film mentoring session with the wonderful Savan Photography so I was a bit nervous as I waited on my scans to come back after being developed. I have never been more nervous to open an email before, but ahhh the feeling I then experienced after seeing how much I had grown after just a few hours with Savan was so empowering! I am now on a mission to shoot as much film as possible to make up for all the years lost using digital only 😉 Investing in further education for yourself and/or your business is the best decision anyone can make!

Photo of dad and mom smiling and laughing with baby girlPhoto of dad and mom holding daughter in air and smilingPhoto of dad and mom holding hands, kissing, and walking while holding daughter on lakeside beachPhoto of dad, mom, and baby girl smiling in lakeside family photosPhoto of family sitting on lakeside beachPhoto of dad and mom kissing and smiling and holding baby daughterPhoto of dad holding baby girl and smiling with momPhoto of mom hugging and kissing daughter near beautiful lakePhoto of mom holding baby as her toes touch the waterPhoto of dad and mom holding baby girl and smilingPhoto of dad and mom smiling and kissing while holding daughterPhoto of dad hugging mom as she holds baby girlFamily photos at Texas lakePhoto of lakeside family photos of parents and baby girlPhoto of mom and dad holding baby girl near lakePhoto of mom breastfeeding baby girl

Lakeside Family Portraits | Family Photographer in Dallas