Little Joshua | Three Month Mini Milestone Session | Baby Photographer in Dallas

A baby lays in a bassinet in an all white studio during his session with a Baby Photographer in Dallas

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This was such a fun mini session! Little Joshua was so calm and smiley the entire time, and it made it so easy to get cute pictures of him with his mom and dad. And my heart absolutely melted when his dad sang soft songs to him! We often focus on the special relationship between a mama and her baby, but I also think dads are so, so special, and I love the sweet relationships they have with their kiddos. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than watching a dad as he soothes and loves his little one! I also loved this session and thought it was extra sweet because Joshua’s paternal grandparents joined us for a few photos! I know Joshua will love being able to look back at these special pictures with his parents and grandparents, and I’m sure his parents will treasure these photos of their little one forever. Joshua was three months old during his session and they hadn’t had any professional photos taken yet, so I’m especially glad I was able to photograph this cute family so they can remember this special time when their little guy was so small! If you want a few pictures of your little one but don’t have the time or the money for a full photography session, a mini session might be perfect for you. I offer these mini sessions in-studio on weekdays and select weekend dates, and they’re perfect for clients who can’t commit to a full photo session. These mini sessions don’t include as many photos as a full session, but if you want a few updated milestone images of your growing baby or an updated family picture, this is a great option!

A baby with lots of dark hair looks straight at the camera as he lays on a white blanketThe three month old baby lays and wiggles his legs and arms in the airThe little boy smiles up at the camera as he holds his grey stuffed bunnyMom and Baby sit together on a cozy white bed and smile and laugh togetherA mother holds her baby while her husband admires the baby over her shoulderA new Dad holds his baby in his lap and smiles down at his chubby cheeksA baby is gently kissed by his father as he holds his hands and looks at the camera

Little Joshua | Three Month Mini Milestone Session | Baby Photographer in Dallas

Closer To Home | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer

Two children help their grandmother bake during their Dallas Lifestyle Photographer Session

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When we moved to Dallas last fall, my mom drove up from Houston to help us move into our new home. While she was at our house, we found a few minutes of free time one day. Since these moments are so rare when you have two busy little kiddos in the house, I decided it would be fun to take some photos of my mom, my little sister, and my son. And it was such a fun, impromptu lifestyle session! I love capturing these special “real-life” moments as families interact with each other and spend time doing something they love to do together. My little sister and my son both adore my Mom and think she is so fun, and they love baking with her. So, this was the perfect activity to keep those little fingers busy, all while capturing a memory of something meaningful they do together! There were lots of giggles, plenty of taste-testing, and even more spills and ingredients thrown around! But it was all worth it, and I’m SO glad I took the time to photograph these memories for these little ones and for myself! This will definitely be one of those special moments they’ll look back on from their childhood and remember how much fun they had playing together and spending time with my mom. One of my favorite things about moving back to Texas is living close to family, and we’re so lucky to live just a few hours away from my family AND my husband’s family! After living away from home (and family) for so many years, it’s been so nice to spend so much time together. And I’m really hoping to take some pictures with my little boy and my mother-in-law next, so you better get ready, Barbara! 😉

A Grandma helps her two grandchildren stir the bowl of pie fillingGrandma carefully helps her two year old grandson fill a measuring spoon while he concentratesThe little boy flashes a wide grin at the camera as he sneakily grabs a berry out of the mixing bowlGrandma laughs as she sees the facial expression of the little one eating a sour berryA little girl is given a taste of the pie filling by her Mom as they bake togetherThe mixing spoon is licked by the little boy who isnt sure if he likes the tasteThe trio all mix the ingredients together as the Grandma smiles with joy A close up photo of Grandma holding her grandson's leg close by as they spend time togetherTwo children are helping their Grandmother make pie crust in a white kitchenWhile the other two look on the little boy spreads flour all over the kitchen counter The little girl tickles the little boy and he smiles shylyThe little boy stands close by his Grandma as she helps him make part of the pie togetherGrandma listens as her Grandson tells her something in his toddler languageThe two laugh together as they notice the little boy is covered in flourGrandma wraps her arms around her Grandson and gives him a kiss on the cheekthe four year old little girl concentrates as her Mom helps her make rosettes out of pie crustShe is very proud as she holds the rosette in her hand and shows it off to her MotherA detail photo of the little girl and her Mother's hands working together to make leaves out of the pie crustThe two carefully start putting the leaves and rosettes on top of the pie making a beautiful designA detail photo of the two standing close to each other and working on their pie

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Light Filled Maternity Photography | Maternity Photography in DFW

The couple lean against a tree as the light streams around them during their maternity photography in DFW session

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Magali and Jonathan were so excited to meet their first baby (it’s a boy!), and I’m sure they’re soaking up every single one of those sweet newborn snuggles right now, because he was due in May! Magali and Jonathan are simply the cutest parents-to-be! I love Magali’s gorgeous, white dress, and her floral crown was the perfect accent to tie into the beautiful, light-filled scenery. She definitely had that gorgeous pregnancy glow! I just loved watching these two interact, seeing the love they had for each other, and most importantly, how excited they are to be parents!

I could tell Magali and Jonathan were both a bit nervous when they arrived. And when they explained that the last time they had photos taken, their photographer didn’t help them pose or give them any direction, I completely understood! I know most of my clients aren’t models, so I always come prepared with some poses in mind so I am able to guide them into natural, emotion-filled poses. Because so many of my clients are a bit nervous about posing, I find that it’s so much more helpful to guide them into specific poses instead of telling them to just “be yourself” and “relax.” After all, since we’re not models and don’t have professional photos take every day, it’s more than a little bit difficult to just “be yourself” when you know a camera is only a few feet away! My goal will always be to make sure your session is as stress-free and fun as possible and to make sure I deliver photos of you and your family that you love! So I will always do my best to help you relax and be comfortable, and guide you into poses that are comfortable, natural, and flattering.

A pulled back shot of the pregnant couple kissing each other underneath the canopy of the tall green treesThe couple leans into one another and embraces as they both place their hands on her growing bumpA timeless image of a woman cradling her pregnant bump with a serene smile on her faceA close up detail photo of a womans arms wrapped around her baby bump with the golden light shining through the trees behind herThe pregnant woman walks down the tree lined path and holds her white fillyboo dressA brunette pregnant woman wearing a flower crown made of greenery walks on the dirt path and smilesA man admires his pregnant wife with soft curls and a white flowy dressThe glowing mother smiles down at her baby bump as her husband smiles joyfully at herThe expectant couple stands hand in hand and smiles at each otherThe soon to be parents stand side by side on a gravel path way and smile at the camera

Light Filled Maternity Photography | Maternity Photography in DFW

Light and Bright Maternity Session | Dallas Studio Maternity Photographer

A gorgeous expectant mother stands in front of a window during her Dallas Studio Maternity Photographer session

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How stunning is this gorgeous maternity session? We did this session in my in-home studio, and I just love how these photos turned out. The natural light in the studio is so light and bright, and I love the airiness that brings to these photos. And how stunning is Autumn in that gorgeous black gown, surrounded by all of the bright light and white décor in the studio? This sweet baby will be Autumn’s last baby, and she was definitely feeling a little bittersweet about that decision, which is totally understandable! There’s nothing quite like holding your newborn baby for the first time! I love that they decided to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, and I especially love that her son is so excited to have a sibling to play with that he doesn’t even care if the baby is a born or a girl. Autumn says her son would love to have a brother to play with, but a little girl would be so fun to dress up!

I love this session so much, and I’m so glad Autumn feels the same way! I received this sweet e-mail from Autumn after our session, and it seriously made my day! “Taylor, I want to thank you so much for working with me and making this photo session so easy and comfortable. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to see such a beautiful product, and I’m so happy that God has blessed you with a wonderful eye. I will be using you again for newborns and family portraits, and I am so happy that I was referred to you. These pictures are phenomenal…I’m so grateful that I get to share these pictures with family and friends, and that I can look back on these when I am 100 years old! I wish you much continued success and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I will keep in touch and see you soon. Best, XOXO, Autumn” This is why I love my job as a photographer! I love hearing from my clients and knowing that I’ve helped them preserve memories they’ll cherish forever! There is nothing more rewarding than helping you and your family capture these special moments…except maybe making and capturing these own special moments with my own little family!

A peaceful photo of autumn with her arms wrapped around her growing bump as she looks down with a soft smileA woman wearing a white dress with off the shoulder sleeves leans against a wall and smiles at the cameraA simple portrait of an expectant mother in a light and bright dallas studioThe gorgeous second time mom wraps her arms around her growing belly and has a joyful facial expressionWith the sunlight streaming through the window behind her a pregnant woman poses for the cameraA close up detail photo of a mothers hand resting over her baby bump, dressed all in whiteA woman wearing a lace dress lays on a bed in an all white studio and smiles down at her bumpThe expectant mother wearing a long black dress sits at the edge of a bed and holds her pregnant bumpAn elegant portrait of a pregnant mother reclined in a tufted cream chair wearing a flowing gown

Light and Bright Maternity Session | Dallas Studio Maternity Photographer

Maternity Session in the Texas Sunshine | Maternity Photography in Dallas

The young couple hold each other close during their Maternity Photography in Dallas photo session

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Brad and Samantha were referred to me by a past maternity photography client, and I couldn’t be more grateful! They were the sweetest pair and (obviously) so, so photogenic! It was 90 degrees outside the day of this session, but you would never know from looking at these pictures! They made everything look so natural and effortless, and I just love how these photos turned out. And it definitely didn’t hurt that they are obviously so, so in love! Just look at all of the sweet photos of them looking at each other! I just know they’re going to be the sweetest and most loving parents, and I can’t wait to meet their new baby boy! I also loved hearing how they chose his name—Samantha’s maiden name is Pace, so they decided to name their baby boy Pace after her family. It’s so fun to hear how each of my maternity session and newborn session clients choose their baby’s name, and I especially love that this sweet little one’s name came from such a special and meaningful place!

So many of my clients are nervous about posing, but please don’t be! I helped guide Brad and Samantha through poses, and they commented that it was so helpful because they didn’t have any idea how to pose on their own. And just look at how beautiful these photos are and how natural and happy this cute couple is. I am very detail-oriented and promise I will make sure there aren’t any stray pieces of hair, twisted necklaces, or flipped up shirt collars! So as we begin your session, take a deep breath and relax, try to be as natural as possible, and remember I’m there to help you look your best!

The pregnant woman holds her husbands hand and leans against his chest as she cradles her baby bump with the other handA soft and peaceful image of a woman standing in a grassy field with both arms cradling her little one growing inside her  baby bumpAs they hold hands the man and woman share a quiet moment with their foreheads leaning togetherA woman with a growing baby bump clutches the fabric of her pink lace dress and smiles at the cameraAn expectant couple walk together along a dirth path and smile at each otherThe pair slowly leans in towards one another to give a romantic kiss with bright light shining around themA close up photo of the expectant mother's facial expression as her hair blows gently in the breezeThe woman wearing a navy blue dress leans against the railing on a stone bridge with sunlight streaming through the tree behind herA casual image of the beautiful soon to be mother smiling out at her husband who is making silly faces behind the cameraThe excited soon to be dad wraps his arms around his wife as they both smile joyfully at their Dallas photographer A pulled back photo of the soon to be parents holding each other in the Texas countryside full of tall green trees