Springtime Anniversary Session | Anniversary Photography in Dallas

A young newly married couple pose during their Anniversary Photography in Dallas session

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This cute couple was so much fun to photograph! They were so happy and in love, and they basically giggled like teenagers throughout the entire session. I loved that they just couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other, and the love they so obviously feel for each other made it so easy for me to capture so many sweet and special moments between them. This fun-loving couple eloped, so they didn’t have wedding photos and actually hadn’t ever had professional photos taken together. I’m so glad that they reached out for this special session and that I was able to take some professional photos of them. They’re building a house right now and mentioned how excited they are to hang their photos on the walls of their new home, and I know that they will look so amazing as part of their home décor. I love when my clients make their pictures a part of their lives and their home, so I offer fine art prints, framing, and custom heirloom photo albums that beautifully showcase all of the moments you want to remember. If you purchase fine art prints from my collection they are museum quality and come with a lifetime guarantee. Each photo is printed with the highest level of care to ensure color accuracy, and an invisible UV coating is applied to each photo to protect against light, wear, moisture, airborne contaminants, and fingerprints. I also offer photo albums that are handcrafted in the United States and are made with your choice of a leather or linen cover and archival quality paper that is made to last. Custom mounting, matting, and framing to is also available to ensure that your gorgeous photos are protected, preserved, and ready to display in your home.

The man wearing a cream shirt spins his wife like a princess in her blue dressThe man and woman smile at the camera with the sunlight shining through the treesA man puts his hand around his wife and she smiles at him and twirls her hairA couple kisses each other with bright green trees behind themThe young man gazes at his gorgeous brunette wife wearing a flowing long dressStanding side by side the couple hold hands and smile at each otherAs they stand in the middle of a dirt path the married couple hold hands and smileA close up photo of the two standing close together and laughing out loudThe woman sits in front of her husband as he wraps his arms around her and they look very happyWith their heads close together the couple holds one another closely with a sweet expression on their facesA couple leans in to kiss each other as they sit in a field of yellow flowersA couple leans their foreheads together and quietly holds each otherThe couple laughs out loud together as they stand in front of a small pond

Springtime Anniversary Session | Anniversary Photography in Dallas

Expecting | Dallas Maternity Photography

A married couple sit together on the edge of their bed and pose for their Dallas Maternity Photography session

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Will and Lisa are the cutest couple, and I just know they’re going to be the cutest parents! They are expecting their first child, a baby boy, and you can see on both of their faces how excited they are for their son to arrive. Even though he isn’t in their arms yet, he is already so loved! My little boy is turning three this year, but I can still remember those days of being so nervous, and happy, and anxious, and excited as I waited for our son to be born! I also remember how amazing it felt to hold my little man in my arms for the first time…and the second…and the third! And really, every time! Those sweet cuddles are even more precious to me now that he’s always running around, and I don’t have as many opportunities to hold my little boy. It really is true that your son will hold your hand for a little while, but he will hold your heart for a lifetime.

A man wearing a blue shirt smiles down at his wife while holding her handAs the couple lay on the bed together they smile at each other wrapped in one another's armsA blonde woman wearing a cream robe sits on her bed and cradles her baby bump with a small smileA loving husband wraps his arms around his wifes growing bump and kisses her cheekA laughing woman wraps her arms around her husbands neck and smiles at the cameraA lovely soon to be mother stands sideways with her arms around her bump and looks at the photographer over her shoulderThe sweet expectant father kneels next to his wifes round belly and kisses her bump while she looks onA woman wearing a casual outfit stands in a field and cradles her arms around her growing stomachStanding in a field of tall golden grass a couple stands close together and smiles down at her growing babyA couple faces each other with only the wife's round stomach between them and give each other a kiss

I don’t usually do two locations during one session, but I’m so glad I did this time! Lisa wanted photos taken at their home as well as at an outdoor location with tall grass, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I just love the photos in the outdoor location. The muted, simple background really makes Will and Lisa (and baby-to-be!) the focal point of each image, allowing the focus to be on their love for each other and for their baby boy. But I also love the photos taken in their home! They are so cozy and sweet, and I loved this opportunity to come into their home and take photos in the place they’ll bring their baby boy home and create so many memories with him as he grows!

Expecting | Dallas Maternity Photography

DFW Family Photographer

A brunette mother surrounded by her four children gazes lovingly down at her baby son

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As a DFW family photographer, I’ve been able to photograph a lot of cute families, but none of them have been cuter than this sweet family! They were so easy to photograph because, as you can see, they have a lot of fun together, they obviously love each other, and that happiness and love shines through in every single photo. I love capturing candid, happy moments and interactions between family members, and this was easy because there was a lot of laughing and silly teasing during this session. But most importantly, there was a lot of love. All of the kids were so sweet to each other, especially to little Harvey, and it was obvious how much they loved having a baby brother! And you could definitely see the love KC and Larissa had for every single one of these kids. I always make sure to come to each session prepared with a flow of poses in mind, and most of them usually involve a lot of interaction between family members. I focus on those interactions because it helps make each family member’s personality shine through in the final photos. I love capturing these candid moments, instead of only focusing on taking posed photos where everyone is standing in a group facing the camera, because my goal is to capture as much “real life” in my photos as I can. I mean, it’s so much more fun to tell kids to tickle their siblings rather than to have them just smile at the camera the entire time. Am I right? It also means everyone has some fun! And when everyone is having fun, I’m able to capture the sweetest, most “real life” photos. This cute family was already having so much fun together, so I posed them more informally to fit their family’s personality and focused on their natural interactions with one another. And I just love how these photos turned out!

The three older siblings gang up on Dad and tickle him while his arms are occupied holding their baby brotherA child standing in the middle of his large family is squeezed by their group hug and makes a surprised faceA baby boy is thrown high in the air by his Dad as their family looks on and smilesA family standing from tallest to shortest holds each other close and smiles at their photographer with tall grass surrounding themA young girl smiles back at her family as they all look at her and laugh at the joke she had just madeFour young siblings stand in a row and smile with their arms around each otherFour young siblings stand in a row and smile with their arms around each otherA little boy is held by his older sisters as his other siblings smile up at his chubby faceA cute baby makes his brother and sisters smile as he reaches to grab a stick and smiles gleefullyA young child is doted on by his siblings as he plays with sticks in the forestA gorgeous family wraps their arms around each other and smiles during their DFW Family Photographer SessionA young boy pulls a silly face and makes his whole family laughTwo parents stand together and kiss as their kids play together in the backgroundTwo parents look down at their four children sandwiched between them and everyone smilesA baby boy is swung by the arms by his older sister as his other siblings try to make him laughFour children stand together and make jokes with each other to make everyone laughThe six family members hold hands and walk in a line between the treesThe family all hold each others hands and look at one another with happy facesThe sweet family walk along the leafy path in a park in Dallas during their photo session


Golden Fall Maternity Session | Dallas Maternity Photographers

Maternity photos taken by a Dallas Maternity Photographers in the tall golden grass

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I LOVE this gorgeous family, and I’ve had so much fun photographing their special moments. When Tasha was pregnant last fall I was able to do a maternity session with her family, and it was so exciting to be able to take photos of this gorgeous mama as she waited for her babe to be born! I was able to spend some time with them watching sweet little Asher run around, and getting to know their family better as they wait for baby number two to arrive. The sweetest part of this job is getting to know my clients, so it was so much fun to be able to chat with them and learn more about them. I can’t wait to meet baby brother, Declan, and have a chance to photograph his teeny tiny fingers and toes! Seeing his cute parents and adorable older brother, I just know he’ll be a beautiful baby! And I’m sure Asher will be the cutest big brother, because he has the sweetest personality! I loved watching him run around, but I also noticed that he never ventured too far from Mom and Dad. He’s such a sweetie, and I loved seeing how much this little family loves each other! I could go on and on about this cute family, and how sweet they are together.

Andre and Tasha are such a stunning couple, and their outfits were just as easy on the eyes! I loved the boho look Tasha went for with the stunning dress she borrowed from my studio wardrobe that flowed perfectly over her cute baby bump, and the purple flower crown. She wore that same flower crown during her maternity session when she was pregnant with Asher…such a fun little touch to connect her two pregnancies. And don’t even get me started on Asher’s chubby cheeks, adorable eyes, and his cute, little bow tie! Definitely the perfect combination!

The pregnant mother is glowing in her bohemian white fillyboo dress and purple flower crownAn expectant couple wearing formal clothing hold each other close and kiss each otherA shy child hugs his arms tightly around his mothers legs as they stand in a field of golden grassWith the sun brightly shining around them a family tickles their little boy to coax a smile out of himThe sweet young family wrap their arms around each other and show off their bright smilesThe little boy is held by his Mother and he sits right on top of her pregnant bumpDad cradles his wifes baby growing in her stomach as their toddler hugs his legMom and Dad smile down at their oldest son while Mom cradles her growing stomachA chubby cheeked little boy tightly holds his parents hands and walks along the pathThe gorgeous young couple hold hands and smile at each other with bright green leaves behind themThe little boy wearing a bow tie gives the camera a curious glance as his parents hold him togetherA mother with a confident facial expression stands in the forest on the crunch leaves and holds her growing baby bumpStanding on a white stone riverbank a young pregnant mother smiles at the cameraThe expectant mother proudly displays the profile of her baby bump in front of a riverA young family of three wearing white formal clothing stand close as the sun shines brightly behind them

Golden Fall Maternity Session | Dallas Maternity Photographers


Studio Motherhood Mini Sessions | Dallas Mommy and Me Photography

A Mother and daughter sit together in a light and airy space during their Dallas Mommy and Me Photography session

If you’re looking hoping to have a Dallas Mommy and Me Photography Session done, please inquire for more information.

I had so much fun photographing these two styled motherhood sessions, and I’m so excited to offer these gorgeously styled sessions to my clients who are looking for Dallas mommy and me photography. I wanted to create a soft, but still lively environment to highlight the joy and love mothers share with their children, and I love how each of these sessions turned out. I encouraged the kids to play and cuddle with their moms, and I loved how many easy smiles and laughs I was able to capture. Even though both sessions were styled similarly, it was so fun to see how different they were because of the unique dynamics in each little family. Lana, being a boy mom, of course had a playful relationship with her boys, Axel and Diesel. I also loved watching how much these two cute boys adored their mama and how willing they were to give her so many sweet kisses and cuddles. Riley was feeling a little bit shy and clearly found Lorraine’s arms to be a safe place to retreat. I love how her sweetness and shyness created some of the most beautiful photos of this session, as she cuddled closely with her mama. I also loved when Riley’s silliness peeped out, and I was able to capture some fun, playful moments between this beautiful mother and daughter duo. And I was so happy with how the gorgeous flowers done by Colibri Blooms turned out, and how much they added to these sweet sessions! I love adding fun, unique, special touches to my sessions, like the flower wreath on the bed frame! So, if you are interested in doing a mommy and me session with me and would like to add something special to your session, I would love to dream up those extra details with you to help you personalize your session even more!

A beautiful young Mom lays close to her adorable toddler daughter, both wearing all whiteA Mother wearing a colorful flower crown closes her eyes as she holds her child closeThe curly haired little girl wearing a white romper sits on her mothers lapThe cute toddler smiles with glee as her mother bounces her on the bedA gorgeous brunette mother sits her daughter on her lap and wraps her arms around herA curious little girl sits on her mothers lap and quizzically glances at the camera The young Mother admires her sweet daughters round face framed by a gorgeous flower crownThe mother daughter duo laugh at each other as the mother swings the daughter around in the airA bright smile lights up the young girls face as her mother gives her a big hugThe mother and her child hold hands as they spin and dance in a circleA sweet moment as a toddler girl leans her head against her mothers head in an all white space

And a few more from Lana’s session with her two fun boys!

A mother with blonde hair holds one son in her lap and smiles at the other next to herThe mother wearing an oversized pink sweater holds both of her sons closeTwo boys wrestle together with their Mom playfully on the cozy white bedFeet flail everywhere as the mother plays with her two wild sonsA quiet in between Moment of a mother cuddling her children with colorful flowers wrapped around the bedframeThe mother tickles her two sons on the tummy as they laugh hysterically A close up photo of the two little boys heads as their Mom tickles themThe two boys end their lighthearted wrestling game with a brotherly kiss on the cheekBoth little boys show off the biggest happy smiles as their Mom squeezes them tightThe youngest son tells his Mom a story as the oldest wraps his arms around his Mothers neck and smilesThe trio stands together in an all white studio in Dallas and hold each others handsThe silly little boys are both held by their Mother and they gleefully peek over her shoulderMom is getting smothered in kisses by her very sweet fun loving boys