Lakeside Maternity Session | Maternity Photographer in Dallas

A young couple holds one another in front of a lake with their Maternity Photographer in Dallas

If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Dallas, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This cute maternity session was one of my last sessions in Seattle before my little family moved to Dallas, and I’m so glad I could squeeze it in! Alex and Shannon were the cutest parents-to-be! They were so sweet together, and I loved that they were always laughing. It was so fun to get to know them and learn about their love story. They both grew up in the Seattle area, dated through high school, moved to San Diego where they got married, then decided to move home. After they moved back to Washington, they bought their first home, and now they are renovating it together. In the middle of all of that, Alex and Shannon found out they were pregnant!
Shannon is a labor and delivery nurse, so even though this was their first child, this was definitely not Shannon’s first birth experience! Since she had been a part of so many deliveries, she had a few ideas about how she wanted her first experience to go! How lucky is that? Mamas, don’t you agree? Wouldn’t it be so nice to have just a few hints about what to expect during labor and delivery before you even had your first child? Not to mention a few hints for what to do after you brought him or her home from the hospital. One of the biggest decisions Alex and Shannon had made about the birth of their baby was to keep the gender a surprise. Shannon said waiting for the birth to find out the gender of the baby always made the delivery so much more emotional and special. So even though Shannon was 33 weeks pregnant, they had no idea if they would be bringing home a baby boy or a baby girl in a few short weeks. I love how much excitement that added to this sweet session!
I also love helping my clients find ways to make photography sessions more comfortable and less stressful, so I always recommend splurging a bit for a professional hair and makeup artist. Shannon had her makeup done professionally, and even though it was the middle of July, her makeup was flawless throughout the entire evening! Since we moved to Dallas before their baby was born, I never actually found out if they had a boy or a girl, but I’m sure their baby is absolutely gorgeous since Alex and Shannon both look like models 😉 I definitely miss the mountains, but I also have loved being a maternity photographer in Dallas. Texas is beautiful in it’s own way!

A man holds his lovely pregnant wife and kisses her in the middle of the mountainsA blonde woman wearing a pink and white dress cradles her baby bump and smiles happilyA beautiful view of an expectant woman standing in a lake with the stunning mountains behind herA fun loving pregnant Mama stands in the gorgeous blue lake and holds her dressA very excited Dad to be kisses his wife's growing stomachA lovely scene of a woman standing in a field of white wildflowers during her dallas maternity sessionA man kisses his wife as he holds her and places his hand on her pregnant stomachThe soon to be Mama holds a small bouquet of purple flowers over her growing baby bumpThe expectant couple stands in a patch of purple wildflowers and holds each other closeA gorgeous couple standing in the mountains lovingly looks up at each otherAn expectant mother holds her baby bump while her husband kisses her foreheadA pregnant woman wearing a lace white dress holds her husbands hand and walks along the lake shoreline with himA glowing soon to be mother smiles as she holds her husbands handA gorgeous blonde woman who is expecting her first child smiles at the cameraThe mountains and the lake are the perfect setting for this first time mothers maternity photo session

Lakeside Maternity Session | Maternity Photographer in Dallas

Natural Outdoor Family Session | Dallas Family Photographer

A family of four stands in the woods cuddled together during their Dallas Family Photographer session

If you are looking for a Dallas family photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This sweet family was so much fun to photograph! I just loved how energetic and happy the boys were…although sometimes I’m sure their dad and mom would prefer just a little bit less energy! 😉 Big brother was such a sweetie…always more than happy to give hugs and kisses! And little brother brought the fun because he loved to run around! Their cute mama was pregnant with baby BOY number three, and both boys were very excited for their baby brother to be born! It was so fun to capture the happiness and excitement in this fun family! These two little boys had so much sweetness and energy that it was easy to capture a lot of cute, candid moments and natural smiles! Whenever I photograph families with young kids, I try to take cues from their personalities (as well as how comfortable they are in front of the camera) to decide what types of poses would be best for their family. With this cute family, I could tell that big brother was loving and snuggly, so we did a lot of sweet, cuddly poses that let his personality shine! And when it was little brother’s turn, we had a lot of tickles and played many games of Ring Around the Rosy to show off his fun-loving, wild-child personality! We all know how stressful family photos can be when kiddos are involved, especially since a good outcome is so dependent on keeping them happy! To help with this, I always encourage parents to let their kids be themselves and for the parents to relax and enjoy the moment. If the whole family is happy and relaxed, I can work my photo magic to get some wonderful images full of fun and emotion!

A family in colorful outfits and two small children stand next to each other and smile at the cameraA young Mom in a floral dress holds her small son with curly blonde hairA Mom in a red and cream patterned dress spins with her young child and holds him upside downThe little boy with red hair smiles gleefully as his mother kisses him on the cheekDad proudly smiles at the camera as he sits next to his two cute sonsDad gives his son a big smile as he hugs his leg and with his other son on his shouldersThe two little boys hug their dad very tight and the dad smiles at the sweet momentA family of four holds each other tight and laughs together A family tickles each other and the kids can’t stop laughingA loving older brother holds hugs his little brother as they both smileTwo brothers hug each other with sweet smiles on their facesA young Mom cradles her baby bump with her third baby boy growing insideAn adorable little boy hugs his mom and the baby growing inside of her tummyThe two young brothers jump and dance in front of their parentsA young family plays together among the trees and the kids love running aroundMom and Dad hold hands with their kids and swing him up into the air as he smiles and laughs Two little boys play with their parents, one hugs his moms leg and the other swings from their hands The little boys give each other a tight hug while their parents look down at themParents hold their children and the kids kids and play with themDad tosses his toddler into the air while the rest of the family watches Older brother holds his little brothers hand and leads him down a path in the woods Kids play behind their parents as they cuddle together next to the tall green trees

Natural Outdoor Family Session | Dallas Family Photographer

Dreamy White Maternity Photography | Dallas Light and Airy Maternity Photographer

The soon to be parents cradle their arms around a growing baby bump during the Dallas light and airy maternity photographer session

This Dallas light and airy maternity photographer session was the first session I had in my new in-home studio, other than the photos I take of my favorite little client…my two-year-old son. ; ) It was so much fun to explore it creatively with an actual client, and I couldn’t be happier with how this session turned out! David and Anita are expecting their first baby, a little boy they’re planning to name Marco, and I couldn’t be happier for them! Can you believe Anita is thirty weeks along in these pictures? She looks absolutely breathtaking! And how gorgeous is that flower crown she’s wearing? I’m swooning over all the pretty details! All-white everything is basically my favorite thing in the world because of how ethereal and simple the final product looks, so I absolutely LOVE the gorgeous white robes Anita wore! And I love that that they were made by her sister’s company, A Girl and A Serious Dream. If you are interested in a session where the focus is on you and your family, instead of on the background, my in-home studio would be the perfect location for your light and airy photo session. It’s also the perfect spot for milestone sessions because studio sessions can be scheduled at any time of day. They don’t need to take place during those few short moments just before sunset!

A woman with a soft facial expression looks towards the sunshine as she wraps her arms around her baby bumpA woman looks down with a slight smile as she thinks about the baby boy growing inside of herA mother stands in front of a window wearing a delicate robe during her boudoir maternity photo sessionA couple kisses during their dallas light and airy maternity session Two soon to be parents lean into one another to pause for an intimate moment A gorgeous expectant mama with dark hair sits on a white bed and smiles at her bumpA pregnant mother sits on a white bed cradling her baby bump with a pink flower crown in her hairA couple smiles at the camera both dressed in white in an all white studio An excited father looks loving at his pregnant wife and smiles at her

If outdoor photos and natural sunlight are your favorite, stay tuned for part two of this beautiful session! After taking a few shots in my indoor studio, we headed to the most incredibly beautiful and unique location to take a few more. You’ll definitely want to see this if you love crystal clear aqua water that doesn’t involve traveling to Mexico…and as usual, plenty of sunshine! If you are looking for a Dallas light and airy maternity photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


A Golden Summertime Maternity Session | Dallas Maternity Photographer

A pregnant Mother beams as she poses for her Dallas Maternity Photographer session

If you are looking for a Dallas Maternity Photographer, please inquire for more information  I am currently booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

I love being part of maternity sessions so I can capture the anticipation, excitement, and love an expecting mama has for her unborn babe. But there seemed to be something extra special about this Dallas Maternity Photographer session! These cute parents-to-be were so happy, in love, and excited for their little one to join their family. And I was so happy to be able to take their first official family pictures! I’m sure these photos will be extra special to this little family because Zach and Mallory moved out-of-state shortly after this session so Mallory could live closer to family with their newborn while Zach was away with the army. Those first few months after my little boy was born were a whirlwind of kisses, sleep deprivation, smiles, tears, cuddles, and temper tantrums! And I can’t imagine surviving those moments without my husband by my side! I’m so thankful for the brave men and women who leave their families to serve in the military, as well as for the brave spouses who support them from home.

An expectant couple kiss in a field of golden grassA pregnant woman holds her bump and is filled with joyTwo soon to be parents walk through a field in Dallas during their maternity sessionA lovely couple pose outdoors in the Texas sunshineMom and Dad cherish the last few weeks before their child is bornA couple stands between a row of trees with the golden sun shining throughThe soon to be parents walk hand in hand down a tree lined roadA mother and Father wrap their arms around the woman's baby bump as sunlight glows behind themA new dad smiles lovingly at his wife in front of the green treesAn expectant Mother cradles her bump and smiles at the thought of meeting her son in just a few weeksAn expectant couple smiles up at each other next to a row of lively green treesA pregnant woman wearing a long blue dress holds her growing bump and smilesA gorgeous pregnant couple kiss as they stand in farm land

I absolutely love the photos with Zach wearing his army uniform and the gorgeous grey dress Mallory chose from my studio wardrobe. And if you’ve been following me long, you know by now that I’m a huge fan of natural lighting! So it will come as no surprise that I love seeing the sunlight shining through the trees in the pictures with Mallory wearing that gorgeous blue gown, another favorite from my studio wardrobe! I just love the bit of soft color it added to this neutral toned location! Choosing the perfect outfit or outfits for a photo session can be one of the most stressful and most difficult parts about having photos taken, especially for us girls. I’m so excited to offer a studio wardrobe to my clients and provide gorgeous options in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes! If you’re planning to schedule a session with me soon, please be sure to inquire about my studio wardrobe!

Little Ben | Plano Baby Photographer

Two new parents stand in front of a window and smile with their new son

I don’t think anything can ever quite replicate the joy you feel when you become a parent for the first time! I know I’ll never forget the feelings I felt when I held my perfect little boy in my arms for the first time—and the second, and the third, and the fourth… And I definitely felt those same feelings of love and joy from these cute parents in this Plano Baby Photographer session. Sweet, little Ben Ben was born in the spring eight days after his due date (so you know Mama was extra happy to meet him), and I was so happy to do this session when he was only sixteen days old! Sam and Rachel were the cutest first-time parents, and I could tell they were definitely living in that blissful newborn haze you see in the movies. I loved watching them as they held their sweet baby, and I loved listening to Rachel say how perfect she thought Ben was throughout the entire session! I mean, you can just see the love and happiness on these new parents’ faces as they smiled at their new baby! I also have a soft spot in my heart for first homes, and I love that this session took place in their first home! I’m sure Sam and Rachel are especially glad they took the opportunity to make these memories in their first home, because they moved out of it shortly after this session. My little family recently moved out of our first home (the house we brought our first baby home to), and I definitely treasure the photos we took and the memories we made while we lived there. As I chatted with Sam and Rachel’s neighbors on the way up to their high-rise apartment, the neighbors all asked if I was going to photograph Ben. I could even feel the love the neighbors felt for this sweet family! Since Sam, Rachel, and Ben lived in a high-rise apartment, we had to get a bit creative to find the best backdrops in this small space. But as you can see, capturing the love in this little family was definitely not limited by the space of the room! So if you’d like to do an in-home family photographer session, I’d love to be there to capture those memories for you!

If you are looking for a Plano Baby Photographer, please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas\Fort Worth and Houston Areas. A baby is sleeping in his Mom's arms as Dad looks over her shoulder at himMom and Dad holding their baby and looking at his adorable face A newborn baby boy is kissed by his father tenderly on his foreheadA new Dad smiles down at his newborn son during their Plano Baby Photographer SessionA new Mom in a blue dress snuggles with her tiny newborn sonA pretty new Mom holds her baby boy as he sleeps on her chestA baby boy sleeps surrounded by his parents who look down on his tiny featuresMom and Dad lean in to kiss each other over their newborn son during their Plano Baby Photographer SessionTwo sweet parents admire their baby boy who is wearing a hat with his nickname embroidered on itTiny boots cover the feet of a new baby as he lays in between his smiling parentsThe parents of a newborn baby boy smile at him in front of a bright and airy windowA newborn baby boy is wrapped in a blue swaddle and is sleepingA man holds his new sleeping son in his arms and they are both wearing blueThese new parents play with and coo at their newborn baby boy and are so happyDetail images of a baby's hair and his handsTwo parents cuddle into each other while Mom holds their infant son in her arms

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