Summer Motherhood Session | Prosper Family Photographer

A Mom holds her baby girl wrapped in a blanket and admires her features

If you are looking for a Prosper Family Photographer please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas\Fort Worth and Houston Areas.

Gorgeous greenery, light galore, and a Mama and her babies in flowy dresses…basically the key to my heart! We wanted the focus of this session to be on the importance of Motherhood to our little ones. The poem below was sort of the inspiration and I was so glad that the Mama in these photos went along with it.

“You are the trip I did not take, you are the pearls I could not buy,
you are my blue Italian lake, you are my piece of foreign sky.

You are my Honolulu moon, you are the book I did not write,
you are my heart’s unuttered tune, you are a candle in my night.” – Anne Campbell

Theres no argument that parents give up things for the sake of their children, but the trade off is more than worth it. There is nothing more gratifying for me than seeing how much my child adores us. That may sound vain to some but I’m sure someone else out there must feel the same way! When my husband comes home from a  long day of working hard to provide for that little boy of ours, I’m certain that the one thing he’s looking forward to seeing first as he walks through the door is the huge smile on his child’s face. When my son is sad and he immediately runs to me for comfort my heart grows because he feels safe and loved by me. In short, the “Honolulu moon” and the “blue Italian lake” can wait. We may be giving those things up for now at least, but the gift of earning my child’s love is at the top of my bucket list

A Mom and baby look at the camera as they have their photo taken under a treeMom tosses her baby girl into the air and gives her a loving smileA Mom laughs joyfully as she holds her baby in her armsA baby peeks over Mom's shoulder and looks at the cameraMom studies her child as the baby looks around A toddler girl being held by her Mom plays with low hanging leaves on a treeMom holds her toddler and spins both of them around while the toddler gigglesA Mom and her daughter laugh and snuggle together during their Prosper Family Photographer SessionA family sits in a meadow and picks flowersMom and daughter pose on a tree stump and give each other a kissA toddler girl dances and smiles with glee in a pretty white dress

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Little Renee | Frisco Newborn Photographer

A Frisco Newborn Photographer poses a family during their photo shoot

If you are looking for a Frisco Newborn Photographer please inquire for more information. I am currently booking sessions in the Dallas\Fort Worth and Houston Areas.

This light filled newborn session was such a joy to photograph. These new parents were nothing but smiles, and were clearly smitten with their adorable daughter. She had a head full of dark hair and the most squishy cheeks that I’m sure her Mama loves to kiss! Two of my favorite things, so I was definitely a bit smitten as well.

During their session we focused on natural posing that emphasized the star of the show, their newborn daughter. It’s typically much less stressful to not need to worry about making sure baby falls asleep to achieve more complicated posing, so that is one reason why I tend to stick with more effortless set ups. If I can save sleep deprived parents from any added stress then I have done my job! Their great neutral outfit choices also helped to keep the focus on baby rather than on the clothing that they were wearing. Before every session I bring a variety of gowns from my client wardrobe, chosen by the client, to try on, but occasionally they may have something in mind that was pulled from their own closet. This is a great example of a color palette that added a soft and airy feeling to their final images. Imagine if they were wearing all black or vibrant colors from head to toe…it would weigh the image down and add more contrast. Contrast is the opposite of light and airy so if you are interested in that aesthetic then soft colors or neutrals like in these images are perfect.

A family with a newborn daughter pose during their photo session in Frisco TexasNew parents hold their newborn child and are filled with joyA little baby with a head full of dark hair is held by her motherA new Mom stares adoringly at her daughter during their Frisco Newborn Photographer SessionA newborn's Dad hold her and gives her a kiss on the cheekA new Dad holds his baby girl and smiles lovingly at herA new family of three lounge on a bed together while their little one sleepsMom and Dad lay on their bed with their newborn daughterA baby girl with a pink bow sleeps on the bed Mom and Dad smile at their new daughter as she lay sleepingDad holds his infant daughter in his hands in a light and airy roomA newborn child rests on her Father's chest and falls fast asleepA baby girl lays on a white blanket and is framed by eucalyptus leaves Two photos of tiny baby toes and little fingersThank you for visiting! Little Renee | Frisco Newborn Photographer

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Little Duke | Plano Newborn Photographer

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A Plano Newborn Photographer captures a Mom snuggling her baby boy

Now booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas. If you are looking for a Plano Newborn Photographer please inquire for more information.

Everything about this newborn session was emotional, including the way that it came to fruition. A past client had reached out to me asking if I had ever done a surprise gifted session before as she was interested in gifting a friend a newborn session after hearing that the friend’s family had never had family photos taken. Of course I said yes, so she and a handful of other friends gifted this sweet second-time Mom a newborn session, and she was so overwhelmed with gratitude. From the planning stages of her session all the way to the sweet review she wrote for me after her photos had been delivered, all she talked about was how she knew these long overdue photos would be treasured for forever. That is the best compliment I can ever receive from a client! Hearing that my images will be family heirlooms passed from generation to generation is so incredibly humbling, and that thought fuels the passionate fire behind this “job” of mine. It is so important to me that my photos aren’t just pretty, but that they also show authentic emotion…love, joy, and gratitude are the three feelings I want to showcase through your images. I come prepared to each session with carefully thought out organic poses that I’ve found best bring out those feelings naturally. You don’t need to know how to pose or how to take a good photograph to have your photo taken, that’s the photographers job! It can sometimes be hard to put our insecurities aside in situations like this, but I promise the end result will be well worth the effort. You’ll have detailed memories to relive for generations!

A Mom holds her baby wrapped in a blue swaddleA little girl stares at her new baby brother's faceA toddler plays with her baby brother's tiny fingersA Mom shows her daughter how to play softly with her baby brotherA baby boy wiggles his legs around on a white blanketA newborn boy poses during his Dallas Newborn Photography sessionTiny newborn fingers in focus over his smiling face

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Motherhood Session | Frisco Family Photographer

Because I want every Mother to have an opportunity to have photos taken with her children, I am now offering Motherhood Mini sessions year round at a discounted rate. If you are interested in booking a Motherhood session or are looking for a Frisco Family Photographer, please inquire for more information. Now booking in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas.

I have been dreaming of doing Motherhood sessions for a long time, and that dream has finally turned into reality! Since I had my son two years ago I’ve developed quite a passion for Motherhood, as I think most of us Moms do. I firmly believe that every Mom (and every Dad!) deserves to have nice photos taken with their babies… Photos that focus on the bond and the wonderful love that is shared between a mother and her child. Smiling snapshots taken with a cellphone are nice and are definitely among some of my most treasured photos, but it’s the smaller details that really matter. These details are what professional photographers have trained their eyes to see, like the little arms that you frequently find wrapped tightly around your neck, or the chubby legs that always seem to be moving. Time passes all too quickly and everyone knows that babies don’t keep. I could spend hours looking at photos of my little guy when he was younger and I especially cherish the professional photos we had taken right after he was born. I am so glad that I made that investment, and I know my son will be grateful when he’s older.

“The noblest calling in the world is motherhood. True motherhood is the most beautiful of all arts, the greatest of all professions.” | David O. McKay


Mom snuggles into her daughter whos wearing a white dressA Mom in a lavender dress holds her daughterA baby girl squeals with delight as her Mom plays with herMom twirls in circles with her baby girl while smiling for the cameraMom plays with her baby girl as they have their photo takenA mother and daughter play together on a white blanketMom kisses her daughters fingers during their Frisco Family Photographer sessionA Mom smiles at her little one and holds her babies toesA mother and daughter stand in front of a cherry blossom tree

Thank you for reading about this Motherhood Session | Frisco Family Photographer

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Little Oliver | Dallas Newborn Photographer

Grab some snacks and get ready for a long post today, because there are far too many sweet images from this Dallas Newborn Photographer session that I want to share! I met this lovely new family of five (including the fur babies) in their home, and we spent an hour just staring at little Oliver’s gorgeous face. Just kidding, we were a bit more productive than that, but just barely! He was awake for the first half and spent that time either staring at his parents or at the world around him. I love how curious these tiny babies are…the world is a fascinating place! The other half he spent sleeping so it was definitely a no fuss kind of session. We focused on posing based off of the ways that they naturally interacted with their son, so that made for some effortlessly natural images full of authentic emotion. I can’t help but smile as I look through this gallery because of all of the joyful smiles that these new parents shared. I hope you feel that same joy as you look through this post, and maybe it will even help you to recall those magical first weeks you spend with your new babies!

If you are looking for a Dallas Newborn Photographer, please contact me to set up your session.

A baby with lots of fuzzy hair being held by his parentsMom pinches her sons tiny newborn nose as dad laughs next to her during their session with a Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Sorry for the overload of images, but I just couldn’t narrow everything down any further! There’s something about that light and airy newborn photography look that makes everything sparkle for me 😉 And I probably delivered at least five images just of his cute fuzzy hair. I’m sure my clients love my inability to keep these precious photos to myself because 90% of the time I deliver more than what they expect. So maybe it’s a good problem to have…the jury is still out on that one!

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