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Brothers hugging and mom smiling while sitting in a gorgeous white chair during their session with a Dallas Motherhood Photographer

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When Heather contacted me about scheduling a motherhood photography session in my Dallas photography studio, I was so excited to capture some special images with her two little boys—big brother Holden and baby Judd. She mentioned that she wanted to add a simple greenery element to her session, so we brainstormed some ideas and ultimately decided on these greenery rings that were custom made. In the past, I’ve played around with adding other plants into my space—including everyone’s favorite fiddle leaf fig tree—and I usually come back to a simple, all-white look. I just love how a touch of greenery complements a light and neutral color palette and brings it to life. The rings and greenery add such a warm, natural element to these photos, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! I especially love how the neutral color palette of their wardrobe—Heather’s gorgeous blush colored dress as well as the boys’ white shorts and neutral shorts—complement the studio décor and allow this adorable family to be the focus of every image. Their happy and natural smiles, sweet interactions, and obvious love for each other make these photos so sweet. If you know me or have been following my blog for more than a second, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge fan of natural lighting and gorgeous outdoor locations. But I also love sessions in my studio with the natural light spilling through the windows, especially if we add a little bit of greenery and bring the outdoors inside. And in Texas during the hot summer months, an indoor session with natural light, air conditioning, and greenery is perfect! But I am probably a little bit too in love with greenery—just ask my husband for his opinion on the number of plants we have in our house! If you are interested in adding a custom styling add-on for your newborn, motherhood, or family session, I’d love to brainstorm with you to find the perfect custom element, just like Heather did. There are so many options we could incorporate in your photos to make them fun and unique to your family. I’m thinking a floral installation in my in-home studio, candles hanging from a tree for an outdoor session, or a gorgeous chair in a grassy field. There are so many possibilities!

Mother and son kissing baby and smilingMom hugging sons in white studio with greeneryMother and sons family photosMotherhood photo with greenery and natural lightBrothers and mom smiling and huggingMom and two sons smiling and laughingSon kissing mom on cheek and smilingMotherhood in blush dress hugging and laughing with sonMother and son photo in light and bright studio

Motherhood | Dallas Motherhood Photographer

Little Hudson | Dallas Newborn Photographers

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Mom snuggling newborn baby in white and bright newborn photos

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Is there anything better than a brand-new, snuggly, sleeping baby? Sweet baby Hudson was only eight days old during this photo session, and I just couldn’t get enough of this sleepy newborn! It’s so fun to do newborn sessions when a baby is this tiny because they’re so sleepy, and it makes it so easy to capture those peaceful, snuggly shots. And precious Hudson slept like a dream through most of the session, giving us plenty of time to take pictures of her sweet, little perfection. We were also lucky to get some happy awake time, and I just love the pictures I was able to capture of this cute family interacting together! I was definitely feeling the love with this sweet, little family. Adam and Bailey were high school sweethearts, and I think it’s pretty safe to say they’re more in love than ever. Adam must have told Bailey how gorgeous she is a million times during the session, and it completely melted my heart! Hudson is so, so lucky to have such a loving Dad and Mom!

This newborn session took place in my studio, and this is an option I’m so happy I can offer to all of my clients. Although I do offer in-home newborn sessions, most newborn sessions take place in my studio because it’s so much easier for new parents. I designed my studio with a light and bright, soft and cozy, minimal look, and I love how this helps keep the focus on the newest member of your family and those precious moments together. A studio session also means you don’t have to clean your home and make sure it’s spotless. We all know this is hard enough to do on a good day, let alone when you have a newborn! Avoiding the stress of housework always sounds like a good plan to me!

Dad and Mom sit on a bed and smile at newborn babyDad and Mom smiling at newborn baby in light and airy newborn photosDad and Mom holding newborn baby in family photosLight and bright newborn studio photos with Mom and baby wearing whiteMom wearing white dress kissing and smiling at newborn baby wearing a white onesieDad and Mom holding newborn baby in family photosDad smiling and staring lovingly at newborn baby girl as he cradles her in his armsDad smiling at and kissing newborn baby girl in light and bright newborn photosDad holding newborn baby in white onesiePhoto of newborn baby toes as she sleeps in Moses basketNewborn baby wearing white onesie laying on a white bedSwaddled baby girl newborn photography posesNewborn baby girl wrapped in a floral swaddle inside a basketClose-up photo of newborn baby girl's face and handsDad and Mom kiss each other and newborn baby in precious newborn photosNewborn holds Dad's finger in white newborn photosDad and Mom snuggle newborn baby in light and airy newborn photo sessionMom and Dad kiss while holding newborn baby girlMom and Dad hold newborn baby in light and bright photo studio

Little Hudson | Dallas Newborn Photographers


The Wit Family | Maternity Photography Frisco TX

A mother and daughter st and pose for their Maternity Photography Frisco TX session

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I am so excited to share this light filled maternity session with you! It was such a joy to photograph Nichi and her adorable family as they spent their last few weeks together as a family of three. In true Texas fashion it was a bit sweltering, but they were troopers throughout the hour we were together. We met at this gorgeous outdoor location for their maternity session, and the golden sunshine blew me away! I’ve shot at this location (just on the other side of these trees) many times before, but I had never even looked at this side of the trees before. Who knew all this pretty scenery was just on the other side? I’m in love with tall grass and trees, and this spot has both!

I’m just a bit obsessed with Nichi’s gorgeous gown that she borrowed from my client wardrobe…the soft floral pattern with the sheer chiffon overlay is so soft and romantic, and it’s available for anyone else to borrow for their own session! My goal is to make getting photos of yourself and your family as effortless as possible so I have a beautiful collection of dresses for mothers, and I also have a variety of pieces for children up through size 3T. I know that so many people have a hard time deciding what to wear for their session and coordinating outfits, so hopefully this takes some of the stress away from the entire family photo process for some of you! Also would you believe that this gown isn’t a maternity dress? It flows so beautifully over her baby bump because of the cut of the dress and the material so don’t shy away from non matrnity dresses for your own session. If you’d like to take a peek at more of the dresses in my collection just send me a quick email and I’d love to chat session details more with you!


The toddler girl looks at the bubbles around her as her mother holds herA young father holds his little girl as Mom pats her back and smilesA mother with dark hair wearing a pink floral chiffon dress smiles at her baby bumpA close up photo of the expectant parents holding hands near the growing baby bumpThe little girl leans her head on her mothers shoulder and the parents smileDad holds his little girl high in the air as she joyfully squealsA detail photo of Dad's arms wrapped around his little girlThe young mother leans in and gives her young daughter a kiss on the foreheadThe little girl tries to wrap her arms around her mothers growing baby bumpA mother kneels in a field and holds her daughter close to her chestMom and Dad lean in and kiss their daughter on the head together

The Wit Family | Maternity Photography Frisco TX

Neutral Outdoor Maternity Session | Dallas Family Photographers

A baby is tossed into the air under a large tree during their session with a Dallas family photographers

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One of my favorite things about being a family photographer is getting to know the people I work with and watching their families grow. The Varma family is so sweet, and I’m so excited for another baby (a girl!) to join their family. When she’s born, they’ll have two little ones under the age of two! It will be so fun to watch these two grow up together and become the best of friends. And I’m sure Beckett will be the cutest big brother! Lindsay already asked me to take newborn photos of their baby girl when she arrives, and I’m so excited to capture these special moments with this cute family as they grow.

As we planned this family photo session, Lindsay mentioned that she loves neutral color palettes and that they were planning to wear mostly whites and greys. That is one of my absolute favorite color palettes! I just love how simple and beautiful these colors are, and how they allow the people to be the focal point of each photo. Lindsay asked to me to choose a location that would be best with the neutral color palette she had picked, so I picked one of my favorite locations. I just love the tall grass and huge Texas trees, and I thought the simplicity of the location was perfect with their neutral outfits. I am so happy with how this family photo session turned out, and I was even happier when I delivered the photo gallery to the Varma family and received this feedback from Lindsay: “Taylor! I LOVE every single image. Your photography captured the anticipation of pregnancy and the emotions of motherhood more perfectly than I could have ever imagined. Harsh wants to frame every photo.” Just that one sentence made my day! I’m so glad I could capture the love and happiness this cute family shares and that they want these photos in their home. I have some wonderful clients!

Dad holds his wife and baby close in his arms as they smile at the babyThe tall grass surrounds the family's legs as they wrap their arms around each otherBaby reaches over to his Mother and she kisses his tiny fingersA close up photo of the little boy's tiny wiggly fingers A mother wearing a lace sleeved white dress holds her son on top of her growing baby bumpA Dad holds his baby boy in a field and shows him a leafMom looks over her shoulder to see her husband giving their little boy a kiss on the cheekA family stands together in front of a tall tree and admire the sceneryThe second time expectant Mother poses in a field with both hands cradling her growing bumpThe young parents smile down at their baby boy as he trudges through the fieldThe toddler holds each of his parents hands and walks through the tall green grassThe little boy looks over at the camera curiously as his parents smile at each otherThe little boy wearing a grey and white striped romper sits at his mothers feet in the fieldA close up photo of the toddlers crossed ankles while he sits on his mothers lapThe family of three snuggle together in a field and tickle their little boy

Neutral Outdoor Maternity Session | Dallas Family Photographers

Studio Motherhood Session | Dallas Baby Photographer

A mother wraps her arms around her son and holds her close during their Dallas Baby Photographer Session

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“Your eyes are blue, like the ocean, and baby, I’m lost out at sea” – Stephen Jerzak I am a sucker for a cute pair of baby blues, and sweet Emmett’s baby blue eyes are as cute as they come! He is such a sweet baby, and those cute chunky thighs and perfectly round tummy make for the best detail shots! I love capturing all the tiny parts that make a baby’s body so sweet, so I try to get lots of photos of every little detail. Those little fingers and toes are so sweet and small, but they grow so fast! My little boy is only three, but I’m already missing all of those cute, tiny details! Not to mention those sweet baby snuggles!

Emmett was just over a year old during this motherhood session, and it’s often a little bit hard to keep these little ones engaged at this age. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve for capturing the sweetest and most natural pictures. We played throughout most of this session—throwing the blanket over his head, peeking out the window, and playing with leaves—and we were able to get some really sweet, genuine smiles. I also make sure to get lots of sweet shots of snuggles with Mom! As a mom, it can sometimes be hard to be on the other side of the camera, but these sweet photos of a mama and her boy are absolutely priceless! This is one of the reasons I love what I do! I love offering these motherhood sessions, and giving mamas a chance to get some gorgeous pictures with her little ones that she can treasure forever!


A brown haired mother holds her son in her arms and tickles him as they both laughMom gives her little boy's very chubby cheek a  kiss as he looks at the cameraDuring their motherhood session, Mom and baby look out the window together at the treesA little one sits on his mothers lap and plays with a lamb stuffed animalMom cuddles into her son and closes her eyes as he rests his cheek on her shoulderThe Mother and son hold each other close and give the sweetest hugBaby boy is holding hands with his mother and looks up at her with a soft expressionA close up photo of the little boy standing on his mothers toesMom holds her son as he leans his head back and looks up and laughsA detail photo of Mom and babys legs as they play together on the white floorsA funny facial expression is made by the little boy and his Mom laughs in the backgroundA cute little one looks out the window and plays behind the curtainsA playful little one curls into a ball on the bed to hideThe boy wearing a white romper crawls all over the bed and plays with the pillowsThe adorable baby boy plays innocently with his wooden carMother and son cuddle close together as baby curiously peeks at the cameraA mother and baby play together in a light and airy studio on a white bedA detail photo of Mom tickling her sons sides as he grabs her handsThe brunette mother lifts her blue eyed one year old boy high into the airA little boy lays with his mother as she smiles and cherishes the simple momentA close up photo of a blonde haired baby wrapping his fingers around his Mothers cheekA mother wraps her arms around her son and holds her close during their Dallas Baby Photographer Session The toddler gleefully runs around the room with the biggest smile on his faceA timeless photo of the little boy sitting on a basket and looking straight at the cameraThe baby peeks over his shoulder at his Mom and smiles very bigA candid photo of a baby playing with leaves and flowers in a dallas all white studioA baby sitting in a rattan basket looks around at the leaves scattered on the floor around himA chubby baby bends down to pick up a leaf from the bunch scattered on the white studio floorA mother reaches over to grab her quickly escaping crawling little boyThe baby playfully rolls around the bed with a smile on his faceA close up photo of a baby's toes with the window light shining behind themA baby curiously peeks under the white blanket wrapped around him


Studio Motherhood Session | Dallas Baby Photographer